Please stop pretending your iPhone photos are awesome just because you tilted the screen and put a sepia filter on them. Step up your photography game with a real camera - a digital SLR. Canon's refurb store regularly has some of the best deals on DSLRs along with a full one-year warranty and great customer service. Right now Canon is having a "Pumpkin Spice Sale" discounting already refurbished cameras and lenses, similar to the Labor Day sale we shared a few weeks ago.

The best deal in this sale is the Rebel EOS t6i camera, including one with the body and a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM starter lens for $498.99. That's a $95 drop compared to other refurbs and an almost $250 drop off a new kit.

Learn everything there is to learn about the Canon t6i through's in-depth break down of the camera. Too long, didn't read: "The camera is an evolutionary follow-up to the T5i, adding a higher resolution sensor and improved autofocus, but with no significant changes in physical design. Its image quality is on par with most of its peers and the camera is capable of creating beautiful photos."

While the t6i is a great camera and you can't go wrong with it, its predecessor, the Canon Rebel EOS t5i is also an amazing DSLR and more entry-level in price. You can get a refurbished t5i with the same 18-55mm lens kit for about $100 less from the same store.

Be sure to check out the full list of cameras on sale if you want to add to your collection or throw in some extra lenses for your new kit.

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