Create a new audio experience at home with $200 off the Dynaudio Xeo 2 Bluetooth speakers

The Dynaudio Xeo 2 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers have dropped to $699.99 on Amazon for one day only. These speakers normally sell for around $899 or more. They've only dropped below that price once... ever. And that drop wasn't as low as this one.

These aren't the only Dynaudio speakers on sale today, either! Go all out and get the Special 40 bookshelf speakers for $2,399. That's actually a really good sale price since they more regularly sell for $3,000. You can also get the Xeo 6 Bluetooth floorstanding speakers for $900 off today.

Since the Xeo 2 have Bluetooth you can basically play anything from anywhere. Just stream from your compatible device and listen to your favorite music. The physical inputs include digital optical, analog RCA stereo, and analog 3.5mm. The speakers come with a remote control and have touch-sensitive buttons on top. The speakers are designed to minimize unwanted interference and let the twin 65W amplifiers do their thing.

John Levite

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