Snag the excellent Ecobee3 smart thermostat at one of the best prices we've seen

Update: Best Buy (opens in new tab) has matched this price even while Amazon has already sold out.

If you're looking to add some extra smarts to your home and save a little money over the long-term, a smart thermostat is a great place to start. Luckily, the Ecobee3, iMore's pick for the best smart thermostat, is currently on sale for just $169.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab). Back in April we reported on the Ecobee3 dropping down to $186 and it has stayed at that price for the most part ever since. This new price is its best ever, and almost $80 better than the newest model, the Ecobee4 (opens in new tab).

With the Ecobee3, you can potentially save big on your energy bills throughout the year. The thermostat is able to sense when anyone is home and can adjust the temperature accordingly, keeping you comfortable while you're around, and saving energy while no one is in the house. The Ecobee3 also keeps an eye on the weather outside and thousands of other data points to make sure you're always comfortable. Add in HomeKit integration and the Ecobee3 is a pretty compelling deal.

If you're up for adding a smart thermostat to your home, you can snag the Ecobee3 and take advantage of this discount at Amazon now.

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  • I think its all smoke and mirrors. As great as the Ecobee's sensors are at knowing when you are in a specific room, you still cannot control the HVAC registers to keep the air IN that room. In that sense, its not better than any other smart thermostat. I would also need to research a bit more on what it means to have two Ecobee in the home. The main decision for me to opt into a Nest so long ago was the "works with Nest" feature. Now that I live in a home with dual thermostats, I wish that the Nest would communicate with each other and that still isn't happening (to my knowledge as I have two schedules). But the Nests are actually working as intended.
  • Speaking from experience (I installed one a few months ago), I love my Ecobee and it works as advertised. We had 3-4 degree difference from our main floor to basement. After install, the Ecobee has done a much better job of regulating the temps via the sensors. The temperature difference was cut in half, and add on top of that the ease of use via HomeKit or ecobee app... It's pretty darn awesome.
  • I just think they don't really save you much money. Maybe it's just doing things a cheap $20 programmable thermostat would have done if you used it right.
    I think it's more effective and better savings to not turn the AC down quite as low or the heat up quite as high. Doing that will save you far more money. I open windows and Doors, turn on ceiling fans which I installed in every room. I have a DC powered heat pad on my bed that's great. The few times a year I need to turn it on, it's down low. So much better then a electric blanket I've used for years as safer. The wires are so small, I can't feel them. Again, low DC voltage, not high 120Volt AC voltage. I have the heat drop down more at night. If you have young kids or a newborn, that may not be a option for you. So there's always exceptions to the rules. If your really LAZY and want to change the temp while sitting around somewhere, They, Hey, here you go. I rarely touch mine. Really the only time I do is when my Dad is on a trip away from my house somewhere. He keeps it cooler and warmer then I like. In fact generally I just turn the system off. Or at the very least turn the heat down and the AC up. He likes it cooler or warmer so He pays the electric bill every month. I'm paying for everything else. He's home at my house far more then me being retired. So it's fair. I think there's more devices that work with the NEST, but I'd still go with the Ecobee 3 IF I was going to buy one of these things. I have no plans to.
  • $397.36 in Canada. Thanks for nothing, Ecobee.