One of B&H's daily DealZone discounts include the Mophie Encore Plus 20100mAh portable power bank down to $24.99. Normally, this power bank goes for around $40, but today it's down to one of the best prices we've seen.

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Mophie Encore Plus 20100mAh power bank

This is just such an affordable price it's doubtful you'd be unable to make some good use out of this

$24.99 $40 $15 Off

Mophie's device can charge two mobile devices simultaneously. It has a built-in Lightning and micro USB cable for doing just that. The 20100mAh capacity is huge and can keep your devices going for a very long time. It is Fast Charge compatible and has LED power indicators that tell you how full the battery is. There are also plenty of fail safes to prevent things like over-heating or over-charging. You're covered by a one-year warranty, too.

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