It's always good to stay prepared with extra tech accessories on hand, which is why it'd be a wise move to snag this four-pack of Nanming Lightning Cables while they're on sale at Amazon for only $6.88. You'll just need to use coupon code WCHQWZJ5 during checkout to score them at that price. In the process, you'll be snagging each one for less than $2 apiece! That'll save you $6 off their regular cost which hasn't even been discounted without a code before.

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Nanming 4-Pack Lightning Cables

Nanming's four-pack features Lightning cables of varying lengths, with a three-foot cable that's perfect for your vehicle, a ten-foot cable perfect for the bedroom, and two six-foot cables for everywhere else.

$6.88 $12.99 $6 off

With coupon: WCHQWZJ5

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The four Lightning cables included in this set are of varying lengths, including 3-foot, 10-foot, and two six-foot cables, giving you the ability to use them wherever they'll be most efficient. They're each nylon-braided for durability and are compatible with all Apple devices featuring a Lightning connector.

Next, you might want to pick up a USB wall charger so you can put these cables to use ASAP. Nanming includes a one-year warranty with their purchase.

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