The Onkyo SKH-410 set of 2 speaker system has dropped to $74.96 on Amazon. The speaker system normally sells for $90 or more with highs around $140. We have never seen it drop this low before.

Just like the movies

Onkyo Dolby Atmos speakers

Turn your basic surround sound into a full-on theater with these speakers that can sit right on top of some you already own or be wall mounted.

$74.96 $100 $25 off

Onkyo is a company most known for making A/V receivers, but that means they're very knowledgeable about audio. These are Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers with a Dolby Atmos-certified special network inside. Think of them as an add-on to an existing system. You can wall mount them or position them on top of a pair of right and left speakers like this to get the Dolby Atmos height effect. Dolby Atmos turns standard surround sound into multi-dimensional audio that comes from all directions.

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