The PNY Elite 512GB microSDXC card is down to $107.72 on Amazon. This is a brand new low price for this card. The last low price was a one-day drop to $110 at the end of March. The card was selling as high as $200 in February and sold for around $140 most of March.

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PNY Elite 512GB microSD card

Just make sure you're using a device that supports capacities this large and you should be fine. This is a crazy low price for this card, especially if you missed that one-day sale in March.

$107.72 $140 $32 off

This is a lot of space for a microSD card, and as long as you're using a device that supports microSDXC cards at this high of a capacity, like a laptop or the Nintendo Switch, you'll be able to save over 80 hours of HD video or 100,000 pictures. It has fast 90 MB/s transfer speeds, too, so you can move all that data quickly. It comes with a regular SD adapter as well so you can use it with larger devices.

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