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The SanDisk Connect wireless flash drive is reduced in price for today only in a few different capacities. The discounted models have each dropped to a new record low price, so today is the day to pick one up.

The SanDisk Connect is more than just a flash drive. You can plug it in and use it like a regular drive using its USB 2.0 connector, but it also has the ability to connect wirelessly. That's handy if you want to back up files from a device without a USB port (like your phone or tablet) or want to use it with a new laptop that only has USB-C connectors. Another unique thing about this flash drive is that up to three people can access video or music files on it at the same time. If you have ever gone on a trip with children, think how nice it would be to have this drive to store a ton of movies on and keep your kids entertained and quiet.

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You can get the 128GB model for $35.99, the 200GB version for $50.35, and the largest 256GB model is just $71.99.

These prices reduced as part of a much wider sale on PC-related accessories and components which is well worth a look, too. The prices are good for today only, do make sure you don't miss out.

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