Free up space on your smartphone or quickly transfer files between your USB-C-equipped tablet and laptop with the SanDisk Ultra USB-C flash drive. The 64GB model has fallen to $14.99 at Amazon for the first time in its history, taking over $5 off its average price there.

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SanDisk Ultra USB-C Flash Drive

As more devices move to USB-C, it's a great idea to have a flash drive that's compatible with plenty of space to store your files.

$14.99 $21.00 $6 off

The drive has a super-thin, retractable design so you can easily slip it into your laptop bag or clip it to your keys so it's always with you. If your phone or tablet is USB On-The-Go-enabled, you'll be able to plug in the drive to move photos and other files around using the free accompanying app, and if your computer is rocking USB-C ports it'll be plug and play there. It supports high-speed USB 3.1 performance of up to 150 MB/s so you can get your transfers done quickly. SanDisk backs it up with a 5-year warranty, too.

Shipping is free with Amazon Prime, and now's the right time of year to be a Prime member with Amazon Prime Day just next week.

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