The Aukey 20100mAh dual-port portable power bank is down to $22.09 with code NYG7IR32 on Amazon. Without the code, the battery charger is $47, but it sold for around $37 most of last year. Either way, today's deal is the best we've seen.

You could also get the Aukey 20000mAh USB-C portable charger for $20.99 with code LDM7R64V. This device goes for $42 without the code. It also has two USB-A ports but includes USB-C output as well.

The 20100mAh power bank uses AiPower adaptive technology to charge all 5V USB-powered devices, including both Android and Apple. The two USB ports charge with a combined 2.4A output and do so simultaneously so no one has to take turns. It's built with a durable, solid shell and has an LED battery level indicator to tell you when your device is charging and what the battery level is. It also has all the standard safety features to prevent things like over-heating and over-charging.

All Aukey devices come with a two-year warranty.

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