Stock up on Lightning cables from Anker for $5 apiece

Anker's 3-foot white Lightning cables (opens in new tab) are down to $4.99 with the code ANKERCLR. These cables normally sell for around $7, so the extra couple of bucks off the price gives you the opportunity to buy a few for different places around the house or in your car.

The 3-foot cable is only available in white. If you want some different colors, you can upgrade to the 6-foot cable. It's on sale for $9.74 from a street price around $13 with the code ANKER523 and comes in three available colors: Black (opens in new tab), Silver (opens in new tab), and Red (opens in new tab).

Of course Lightning cables require a Lightning port, so if you aren't using an iPhone you'd be a silly person to buy these. On the bright side, they work with every model from the newer iPhone X series to the iPod nano. Maybe you'll find music on there you forgot about. These cables will fit through the majority of cases, as well, so you shouldn't have to take the case off to charge. They come with an 18-month warranty.

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John Levite

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