The SZPOWER USB-C Charger usually sells for $25, but right now you can click this link and add it to your cart to snag it for just $12.25 at Amazon. We've never posted a better deal for it.

More Than One

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This $12 gadget can charge your phone, computer, and more.

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This universal charger works with computers, smartphones, the Nintendo Switch, newer iPads, and more. The 27W charger will match your device's ideal speeds, unlike some other chargers out there that can take hours to top off your gear. There are built-in safeguards to prevent things like overheating and short-circuiting, and you'll also get an adapter that allows you to use this with USB-A devices. That means this might be the last charger you ever have to buy. There's plenty of length in the cable itself. Should anything go awry, simply contact the manufacturer via Amazon for tech support, a refund, or a replacement.

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