The Powerbeats3 wireless headphones is down to $89.99 in several colors on Amazon. Get this deal in Pink, Asphalt Grey, Break Blue, and Turf Green. These headphones normally sell for $200 on Amazon, and it has been months since we've seen them drop in price at all.

Black and White are also on sale for $99, which isn't quite as good but still a worthy deal.

The Powerbeats3 are Bluetooth in-ear headphones designed to be used during workouts or everyday situations. They're wireless, water resistant, and the battery can last for 12 hours to give you no reason to quit exercising. The "Fast Fuel" system can provide a five-minute charge that gives you one hour of playback when the battery is low. They are also paired with Apple's W1 technology providing seamless setup and switching for Apple devices.

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