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Stay charged up in any country with this discounted Travel USB Wall Adapter for only $11

The Uppel International Travel 5V USB and USB-C Wall Adapter (opens in new tab) is one travel essential you won't want to take a trip without. This compact adapter is capable of plugging into US, EU, UK, and AUS outlets so you can charge your devices in over 150 countries. While it normally sells for up to $22, you can snag the red version of the adapter for just $11.38 (opens in new tab) at Amazon by entering promo code GORLB2JA during checkout.

This all-in-one international wall adapter is equipped with both a standard 2.4A USB and USB Type-C 3A port so you can plug in two devices at once. It also features an AC power socket so you can plug in non-USB devices too, and it's capable of powering both the power socket and the USB ports at the same time. There are built-in safety shutters along with protections against short circuits, overcurrent, and overheating.

Uppel also includes a one-year warranty with this adapter's purchase. At Amazon, nearly 100 customers left a review for this product resulting in a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab).

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