The Vava USB-C hub 8-in-1 adapter with Power Delivery is down to $23.99 at Amazon. To get the $36 discount, you need to ensure you clip the on-page coupon for 10% off and enter code ANDROIDHUBS during checkout. The codes work on both the grey and silver models. Without the codes, this hub sells for around $60. This is the best price drop we've ever seen for this hub.

The hub splits your single USB-C port into eight different functions. This is a nifty device to have on hand if you use a modern laptop like a MacBook or a Chromebook where the only useful port is USB-C, especially if you still have a bunch of old gear you want to maintain access to. The eight add ons include an Ethernet port, a charging port, HDMI, multi-card reader, and three USB-A 3.0 ports. The HDMI port allows you to mirror or extend your screen and do so in up to 4K resolution. Ethernet ports let you hardwire to your router so you don't have to depend on potentially unstable wireless Internet. Because the hub also has Power Delivery, you'll be able to charge your laptop even while using the hub. Users give it 3.8 stars based on almost 300 reviews.

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