Sweat is a normal bodily function, but I'll give you a tip: it might be ruining your headphones. It's corrosive, meaning those comfy over-ear leather cups on your Sennheiser or Bose pair can quickly start to become smelly and degrade if you soak them with sweat during a workout. Sweat can also make its way into the inner components of your headphones, quickly turning an audiophile's dream into a nightmare. Aside from those two points, it isn't exactly comfortable to wear bulky over-ear headphones while you're sprinting up a Stairmaster.

Let's take care of your wallet and your gear. These Xcentz Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones fall from $27.99 to $12.99 at Amazon when you clip the on-page coupon for $2 off and enter code XCENTZ134 during checkout for a further $13 off. That's the lowest price in their history. Be aware that the on-page coupon could disappear at any time, so you're probably going to want to place your order as soon as possible.

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Xcentz Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Snag some backup gear at 54% off when you clip the on-page coupon and enter code XCENTZ134 during checkout. We've never seen these drop lower.

$12.99 $27.99 $15 Off

With coupon: XCENTZ134

These headphones were specifically designed to seamlessly incorporate into your workout routine. They're lightweight and comfortable, with a streamlined design and stable ear hooks for added stability. They're also water resistant, with an IPX5 rating, so no matter how intense your workout is, your headphones won't be damaged. The battery life lasts over 8 hours on a single charge, and the Bluetooth 5.0 connects to your devices easily. Your purchase is backed by an 18-month warranty as well.

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