Tile tracking devices are dirt cheap during Prime Day!

Amazon is offering some deep discounts on three Tile tracker models right now for Prime Day: Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Pro. The Prime Day deal is on individual units for each, but Amazon also has a Tile Pro two-pack, Tile Pro two-pack with black and white units, a Tile Mate and Tile Slim four-pack, and Tile Pro four-pack that comes with two black and two white units). These are all significant discounts on the popular item tracking device.

Tile has been around for a while, and it's usually what we recommend to help you keep track of important objects like your keys, wallet, laptop, purse, tablet, phone, etc. If you can attach your Tile to it, whether through the hole or by sticking it on with adhesive, then you can track its location, no matter where you are.

How does it work? Tile connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth through the Tile app. With the app, you can see where your item is located directly on a map, and you can ping it for audio clues (the Tiles have speakers on them). You can even double-press the Tile button on your tracker to ping your phone when you can't find it.

When you lose the item that your Tile is on you'd normally be restricted to the Bluetooth range, but you can still locate it by utilizing the Tile network. This is because everyone who uses a Tile within your item's range is able to update the location of your lost object for you. It's incredibly handy, and can definitely be a lifesaver if the device is out of range.

The differences between the Mate, Slim, and Pro are minimal. The Slim is perfectly designed for tracking things like laptops or wallets, since it's slim and flat. The Mate and Pro are best for things like your keys, since there is a hole that you can loop it through. The Tile Mate and Pro can have their batteries replaced, but the Slim battery isn't replaceable (although it lasts a year).

Christine Chan

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