TiPb Give-away: iMaxi iPad Case

Remember the iMaxi iPad Case from Hiphandmaids that we took a look at just before the iPad launch? Well, Hip Handmaids were kind enough to send out one for editor extraordinaire, Rene! How did we select between the white and red 'lived in' versions? Our Twitter followers got to choose!

So stay with us after the break to see Rene unboxing the iMaxi iPad Case, to find out whether your votes got him the white or 'lived in' red version, and to see how you can get an iMaxi iPad Case of your very own. (That's right, we're doing a give-away!)

Hip Handmaids, who you can find here on their Etsy page (opens in new tab), are giving away two (2) iMaxi iPad cases to our awesome readers. How do you rock yourself a free iMaxi iPad Case? Easy, just leave a comment below telling me why your iPad needs one! Give-away starts now and ends Tuesday April 20th at 12pm PT. Open to anyone with a US shipping address. Winners will be chosen at random. Make sure you use a valid email address -- we won't share it but we will need it to contact you if you win!)

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  • Soooooo... It's basically an iPad diaper?
  • HAHAHA! Loved it!
  • WOW...This is so wrong in so many ways.
  • I need one because I think it would be funny to those of my friends who are aware of the MadTV episode.
  • I need it cause everyone at work already calls my iPad the MaxiPad. This would just close the circle.
  • I want one strictly for the laughs, secondary for the protection. Would be interesting to whip that out on the train ride to work.
  • I need one to protect my iPad...and with the "Wings" I know I will have "Full" protection...without "Leaking"...
  • I need one as my iPad stains every surface I set it on. I cannot leave it alone for any amount of time.
  • I Need One since my iPad is close to One month old and may get its... You what it's getting soon...
  • Like if the name iPad isn't bad enough. Dump idea of the year.
  • Well, I am always late...so like my current pads this might just be for show! The lived-in one will be great for the heavy flow days...flow of information that is!
  • I would like one because I'm the sort of person that's going to continue making the joke for a very long time after it's funny, so I might as well let the case make it even more awkward.
  • My iPad bleeds. It needs one of those.
  • I need one because my iPad needs its own pad!
  • I thought I had seen everything. Just goes to show you at 35, I'm still learning.
  • I could use one of these because I can't use the standard iPad Case with my dock, so I need something that I can easily slide the iPad into and out of on a day-to-day basis. Also, the LAWL factor.
  • Wow. Just wow. Obviously I need one because... well, wow.
  • I need one because it's freaking hilarious!
  • Hilarious! When I get my iPad, I gotta have one of these - helps soften the self-importance of so many Apple product bigots. :)
  • Would freaking love this, plus it has an added advantage, if ur ever an a bind, u could use it! Lol, Lisa novak, sure could've used one on her drive to Florida that time. Lol, but seriously my iPad needs protection ,,,
  • This is just wrong on so many levels!
  • I need one so that I can justify getting my iPad. I'll just tell my husband, "See, I already have a case..." Plus, I can guarantee he won't go near the Ipad with this wrapped around it, leaving more time for me.
  • I need one because I didn't get beat up enough as a nerdy, glasses wearing youth. Also, I have never been mugged or publicly pants by a crowd of jeering teen thugs. Life would just not be complete without these experiences.
  • I would love the pad so that I can swim, dance, and ride horses with my iPad. Isn't that what the commercial claims?
  • I need one because I made sure to get a girl iPad. And she needs....protection.
  • Hey Rene, Looks like you need to sleep man!! Take a few days off relax a little, get a haircut. You know, some time for yourself. Looks like you havent slept since the iPad came out. LOL :P
  • I need one to protect my iPad. It keeps menstruating all over the place!
  • for its monthly bleeding
  • My iPad needs this because it doesn't get enough attention from others on its own.
  • Wow, this really is wrong in so many ways. Looks like a great way to get some attention and laughs, so I'd be up for one.
  • I need one because I'm a girl, and I'm already getting teased about the name, might as well laugh with them.
  • I need to win one since I am a guy and we all know how embaracing it is guys to go out and buy giant feminin products.
  • We all should get one for those spotty wifi days!
  • I need one because out of no where my iPad freaks out doesn't listen to me. It goes back to the home screen for no reason. It also doesn't connect to my wifi. When it does this I just say to myself "aunt flo must be visiting."
  • i need one, beacause my ipad is becoming a bit soiled, and i need to replace it :)
  • I don't need it, but I know someone who does. BEST. GIFT. EVER.
  • That's hilarious!