TiPb TV 2: Should you get an iPad for the holidays or wait for iPad 2?

Should you buy and iPad now for the holidays or should you wait until early next year for iPad 2? That's an important question as gift giving season is upon us, and it's the topic for the second episode of our new, conversational video podcast, TiPb TV.

Rene and I discuss when we think iPad 2 will come out, what extra features it might have, if iPad 1 will stick around at a reduced price, and what value you'll get out of the current iPad for the next few months while you wait.

It's instant gratification vs. more later with a dose of Android Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry Playbook thrown in for good measure. So if you've been trying to decide between getting an iPad now -- for yourself or for that special someone -- or waiting for a -- maybe FaceTime equipped -- iPad 2 next year, check out TiPb TV and we'll help you make the best choice possible.


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