TiPb TV 6: iPad update gripes

Apple has released iOS 4.2, a big update for the iPad and while it's got a lot to love, we also managed to find some things to gripe about. These aren't bugs, these are little lapses in functionality that we'd like Apple to fix, and they're the topic for the sixth episode of our new video show, TiPb TV!

Rene and I go over folders foibles, App Store mishaps, and AirPlay disappointments. Maybe you haven't updated yet, maybe you have, but either way watch along and let us know if you share our gripes, and if you have any of your own!


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  • The problem of the camera conversion kit sucks.
    I spent a lot of money on it from the apple store, and not it does not let you use many devices throughout the USB port because the use more electricity than what 4.2 Llows it to use
  • That is probably the worst iPhone ringtone remix ever haha
  • @Ryan - So make a better one
    Love the update but I also hate some of the changes, my #1 complain of this new update that I hope apple fixes in the future is that now when you pair the iPad with bluetooth audio (ex Bluetooth headphones, bluetooh audio receiver) now theres a problem that when ever I watch a music video from the native video app, you have to manually select the Bluetooth headphones every time u watch a diff video.......very annoying if you have a huge music video collection like myself
  • Yes the most aggravating thing about the 4.2.1 Upgrade is that Apple changed the power available setting for attachments which has taken away the awesome capabilities we had with the camera connection kit that allowed us to connect USB keyboards, microphones, multi-card readers and some cameras. Yes, the little bit extra power drain may have meant that we had to charge the iPad a bit sooner, but the added functionality was worth it. Items that many of us purchased specifically to use in conjunction with our iPads no longer function. Now we have to go out and spend more money for additional equipment to do a work around? What about all the outside manufacturers who designed and tested their products so they would work with the iPad, then tested and advertised it as working? Please Apple, set the power available back to where it was under iOS version 3.
  • I agree with Georgia on her comments. Folder management is clunky. And leaving the app store whenever you buy an app is ridiculous.
    We were all thinking it. Thanks Georgia for saying it.
    You're not a hater. It's just a little tough love.
  • French Canadians are funny... Glad I live in America 
  • Would someone let @Ryan know this article was regarding the update foe IPAD , not iPhone 4. Ring tones do not apply.
  • I still can't over the fact that Apple made the orientation lock switch into a mute button... What dumb a$$es!!! Dumbest move ever.
  • I buy one app at a time. I'd rather be kicked out of the store since I'm all done shopping. If there was a queue, I'd guess it'd be an extra step or two for most people.
  • ....yeah apple just cut and paste the code in..cant be that hard, right?
    While your at it, cut and paste flash too
  • i believe resources are scarce as they concentrate on getting back to the mac. And safari is different Georgia. For one you cant do tabs, private browsing, reader....list goes on and that is why it is called mobile safari. It wont behave the same..... sadly
  • This is a great topic. Keep on searching for things, that Apple should improve in iOS. I think Apple is listening. If not, just send it to www.apple.com/feedback You guys have great ideas. I'm waiting for TiPb TV 7!
  • The only thing I ever wanted to use my camera connection kit with was my flip video mino. With the old software it wouldn't work. Now, with the 4.2 update, flip video works!!... Weird how all these other devices worked and now don't, but for flip video it was just the opposite?
  • I agree with everything Georgia has to say. Getting kicked out of the app store everytime is very frustrating.
  • Hellooooooo.........what about fixing the perfomane hit (WIFI) after the upgrade!!!! :( :(
  • she can get it.
  • You guys are a bunch of whiners. If you need to move multiple apps out of a folder then connect through iTunes on the computer, make a multiple selection, click and drag... done. If you are going to make multiple purchases, then just do it through iTunes on the computer and sync it over... done. No wonder Jobs is a jerk with his responses when he has a lot of whiners in his user base. iOS is the easiest and best mobile device platform, I don't know why or how you people complain.
  • An app for that, this will stop the app store closing when downloading an app:
  • @Mark totally sweet thanks for that, I am getting that right away.
    Thanks for all the comments everyone
  • @myphone, while i agree with you to a certain extent, calling them whiners, because they want something different is kinda over board... They acknowledge all the great things that apple do, so they should also express the little things that apple kinda just leave out, knowing good and well that they could do it right away, but Steve has to have a list of new killer features when he talks about the upgraded os
  • Congrats, great job!
  • is it me, or is rene looking more sickly with each episode? rene, take care of your self. hope in the shower and shave. you are looking really bad.
  • ps - i do enjoy tipb tv. keep up the good work.
  • MyPhone: If you're out and about, using your iPad, as I usually am, then your suggestions won't work.
  • Great video, one thing this video made me realize is how dependent my iPad is with a computer. With my Samsung Tab when I purchased it I was able to set everything up in the store as I was walking out. No computer needed, if an update comes out it is wirelessly updated. Now my iPad when I got it I had to plug it into a PC to unlock it, I need a PC to update it. I saw some of your comments about ome of the gripes and most of you answered with, "just plug it in the computer" when you buy a a so called "tablet" which I hate calling my iPad a tablet you would thing it would be separate from the PC. I don't know, maybe I'm asking for too much here. I never realized how dependent I am to my PC until watching this.
    With android 2.2 on my Galaxy Tab my contacts and apps are backed up requiring me not to have to use a computer to restore everything or back up everything. I love my MobileMe and I tell all my friends with iOS devices to purchase it but its so much it can do. Apps still have to be restored with a PC.
  • Georgia,
    First and foremost, I have to correct you on your comments about "just add more programmers." As a software developer and Project Manager of teams ranging from 5 to 25 people for more than 20 years, I can state unequivocally that throwing more programmers at a problem or task DOES NOT help and more often than not tends to cause significant delays and can even make quality assurance and testing more difficult.
    I would direct you to the book, "The Mythical Man Month" to understand better the issue of software engineering. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TheMythicalMan-Month
    Before I address each of your "complaints", just remember iOS is not a desktop operating system, nor should it act like one. Some of the issues you bring up and the recommended solutions aren't even available of powerful desktop OS'es (including Mac OS).
    Georgia Complaint: There is no "save state" of folders which includes location and content.
    This could open up a whole can of worms, and complexity not needed in iOS. Firstly, just taking a snap shot would only solve things from a very simplistic look. What if a snap shot was taken and you overwrite the previous snap shot? What if you deleted apps/folders since your last snap shot? Should Apple then have to develop a Time Machine-like utility to view and maintain snap shots and then allow a user to select which they wanted to restore to? You could see the logistical and complexity nightmare this would be to maintain.
    A better solution: If you don't want your folders and icons being moved, lock them. Jailbreak solutions already exist that allow this and would solve your issue quite nicely.
    Georgia's Complaint: Why can't I delete entire folders that have content?
    In essence I agree with this complaint, but given the context of iOS, implementation of this might get messy. For example, if Apple allowed you to do this, does Apple assume that since you are deleting a folder that you also want to delete the items within that folder? Do they assume you want to keep the apps? In either case, Apple would have to then pop up a dialog box asking the user for confirmation (i.e. Delete . - Are you sure?). Pop-up dialogs and confirmation aren't what iOS is about.
    A better solution: Multiple icon-selection. This would fit in perfectly with iOS as it exists today and would solve your issue. If you have a folder that you want to delete, select all of your icons at once and drag them out of the folder. Then you can delete the folder. Clean implementation.
    Georgia Complaint: Getting thrown out of iTunes when purchasing or updating apps
    I can see where this can become annoying, but really how many times do you buy multiple apps at once? I have purchased many apps in the 2 1/2 years of owning the iphone and this is not really an issue. The one benefit of Apple moving the focus to where the app is downloading to is remembering where the darn app was in the first place. If you lots of folders or pages of icon, it is quite easy to forget where a particular application lives. Even using spotlight, Apple does not show you where the application lives, it only allows you to launch the app.
    A better solution: I agree with Rene and perhaps Apple can implement a "queue" solution where apps would be lined up for purchase or installation. Perhaps Apple could go so far as to implement a "buy now" solution which would act in the same was as the current App store but add the functionality to purchase and install apps from a cart.
    Georgia Complaint: Find/Search functionality in Safari
    Yeah, I can see this one, especially since other Browser Apps (i.e. iCab Mobile) do this well.
    Overall Georgia, many of complaints that you mention can be quickly and easily remediated by mechanisms that already exist in iOS and would require some tweaking. But as I opened this dialog with my comments about throwing more people at a problem or task, that absolutely not a correct assessment, especially in the realm of software engineering.
  • I just tried to use my flip hd video camer with the USB attachment that I bought, and it says that the iPad cannot run it because it needs more power. What a drag!
  • Hi JNGold,
    Thanks for your concise reply.
    1) Save state for folders, though the idea of a time machine is an interesting one I do not feel that that is necessary. You could allow the user to toggle and then press to save state. That would allow the user to choose when and if they wish to have a folder state saved.
    2) Deleting entire folders. I think that this will be implemented in some form in the coming updates. I think that your idea of allowing multiple selection is a very good one and would allow you to choose what you would like to delete. I think that deleting a folder entirely is also a good one and would not delete the applications in the folder but allow them to head back to the main page.
    3) Getting tossed out of iTunes after each purchase. From a marketing point of view this makes little sense. Myself im a bulk buyer and when I have the urge to buy something I like to get many things at once. Its great to see where an application is located but really this is something we should be given the option depending on preferences. Yes I agree spotlight should also show you the location of the application in question.
    4) More developers. Perhaps this reply seems flippant but in reality, isnt this what is already happening with jailbreak applications? If one dedicated and talented developer can fix a problem with iOS simply and easily then having such a developer working for apple would do the same thing. Also you would have it implemented in the iOS and not have the need to jailbreak for say functionality. For example copy and paste, it was implemented in jailbreak long before Apple figured it out and implemented it in iOS. Hell if apple wants they could just buy the jailbreak application and add it to iOS. Not like they dont have the cash.
    I really enjoyed your thoughtful comments and I think that such a dialogue is what we need more of. Would have been great to have this discussion live on a podcast =)
  • Georgia is spot on, as usual. Fortunately Apple hired some Palm engineers, particularly those involved with the BRILLIANT Palm notification system. We can only hope that iOS 5 takes advantage of these guys and completely reworks the OS. To my mind it basically needs a top down redesign because of all of the shortcomings that have evolved as the platform has grown and changed.
  • Georgia,
    We at the Convertcast have already had Ally as a guest, so theres no reason why you guys cant have us on to discuss this topic.
  • Let's see...I have 3 chefs in the kitchen to prepare a feast. It's slow going, but it's working. Someone wants faster and better, so we add 5 more chefs. Are you going to get faster/better, or are you going to get 8 chefs all trying to do it their own way and tripping over each other while working in the same kitchen?
    Now apply this to developers working on the same operating system (not different apps like you find in Cydia).
  • Neither my iPad, iPhone 4 or 3GS are working correctly with my iPad dock anymore.
    Volume control from the dock no longer works.
    I now have to get up off my desk and turn up my amplifier!
    Sort it out please apple!
  • I agree with Georgia. I mean why should we be treated like children? The app page shows the app icon, so clearly we can find it on our home page,
  • What is interesting about this discussion is; are these update gripes as the heading suggests or things we would like to see Apple do with their next update to improve the OS?
    1. Purchasing Queuing is more an implementation across the devices than a cause of the Ipad update
    2. Search in safari. Well this can go both ways. again Apple always seems to introduce things slowly. Wonder whether they do it on purpose to see how people respond.
    3. Folder deletion. This feels more like an enhancement" i would like to see" than a gripe of the update. Again a problem across IOS
    4.Saving folder states without requiring plug in.
    I feel most of these fall in the discussion of "What we would like to see in the next IOS update"
    What do you think?
    @ Georgia for adding more manpower think of yourself as a project manager and you have 3 people under your supervision. Now the project is at a manageable pace. Now imagine if they added 3 people that are used to working independently and not as a collective team and their egos thrown in the mix. Not forgetting they are being thrown into a high energy environment that they have to adapt to. It takes time to integrate and manage a large team to efficiency.
  • Shomshon,
    Very strange. As I mentioned, my flip video now works.... Just transferred some videos the other day
  • @alli. Depends on the manager. Crappy manager can manage fewer underlings. Better manager can manage more.
  • @Bob Marley:
    Hate to brake it to yah, but alert sounds are known as "ringtones" in iOS, even on the iPad and iPod touch.
    Seems to me the best fix for the "folder problem" would be make iOS a multi-user environment. Especially with the iPad as it's marked as a "family" device, ie one iPad for the whole family to use. Have to agree with you on the app store too. That's really annoying. Especially since the app store is really bad at "going back." Every time I go deep into a list of apps, select an app to read about it, and hit the back button; I usually end up back at the top of the list. Spent time hitting that "show next x items" button to get to a list 50 or 60 items long and were looking item #59? Sucks to be you, here's the first ten again. (Same could be said for the iTunes store: Go to your list of Podcasts. Use the link to download new Podcast. Want to go back to your list Podcasts so you hit the back button. Surprise! You're in the iTunes store now, you don't go back to your list in your library.)
  • @Jacob,
    That's not the point. Have you ever managed a software project?
  • As a software engineer myself, I have to agree with JNGold and Alli. Adding programmers at the beginning of a project or a product cycle based on anticipated needs is one thing, and quite another if it happens to be somewhere in the middle, and is intended to allow for some "catch up". It doesn't work well that way, in my experience.
  • My Flip camera is the HD version and not the Mino version like the one Andy said that he is using. I guess the HD uses more current
  • This is why android tablets will be the device of choice for a lot of people. Apple will be loosing customers to stupid little things like this. technically this is a computer yet there are so many restrictions Apple has on them. I bought a 32GB Wifi and hate it. I now wish I would have waited for an android tablet even though there is not much software to them they will evolve very quickly thanks to Honeycomb
  • @techgeek,
    Give a break. First of all, the word is "lose" not "loose". Second, the Android OS is not even tailored to support the tablet interface and for the most part applications are just big phone apps. That is not the same for the iPad where developers can enhance thier UI's to take advantage of more screen real estate. It's not about just scaling up the resolution of an app.
    Second, let me know when any Android tablet matches or exceeds the iPad which is still flying off the shelves.
    Third, these so called "annoyances" can be found on any platform as none of them are perfect. I am sure if I sat down with a Samsung tab, I could find a dozen "issues". How about this: How do sync media and use media? It is well known that Google's media experience is lacking and not very robust.
    The tablet of choice has and will be for the foreseeable future will be the iPad. Even with its "foibles", it is still provides a great experience that will get better with time. Does that mean that Android tabs won't sell? Of course not. But don't fool yourself by thinking a number of complaints made by some is fodder for saying that is why the iPad will "lose" customers. To date, it has not.
  • Hmmm, I'm curious. Seeing Rene and Georgia always together on the videos....
  • Rene, you have a .... erm.... great voice.
    I prefer you on audio.
  • I am very disappointed with Apple's idea of multitasking. I now have just about every single app on my iPad in that silly little tray when I double tap...they shouldn't call it multitasking they should call it "a whole bunch of apps that I recently used"
  • @New iPad Owner,
    What you are referring to is not multitasking, but rather fast app switching. Multitasking is the ability for applications to run either fully or partially (ie. a download or upload) when the app is not the main one on the screen. Task management and app selection has been a tough nut to crack in term of a user interface. Palm came close with their card interface.
  • My biggest complaint is the mute switch change. Hardware shouldn't change. I never mute my ipad. No reason to for me. So now I have a switch I don't use compared to using it daily before the change. They have broken my ipad and I want it fixed!!! At least make it an option in settings!
  • @JNGold
    Palm came close? The card system on webOS is fantastic. It's quick, easy, elegant, and fun. WebOS is actually a great OS all around. It's not perfect, but it's very well done. The iOS, however, very rarely does multitasking. There are many apps that obviously show that there is no multitasking. This is probably my number one complaint about iOS. It is also one of the three main issues that are keeping me from getting an iPhone.
  • One problem with the recent apps bar is that it does not show a "<" or ">" to indicate there are more apps or that you can swipe to the iPod/Brightness/Orientation bar.
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