Amazon has a few different SanDisk SSD Plus internal solid-state drives on sale with prices starting at just $34.99. Several of these price drops bring this popular drive down to a new low for the storage capacity, meaning you won't want to miss out. The 120GB variant is currently down to $34.99 from an average price of closer to $52, and the 240GB option is available for $53.99 from an regular price of $72. If you can spare the extra $19, it's well worth investing in the 240GB drive to ensure you have plenty of local storage.

There's also a 1TB drive which is on sale for $219.99. This is $30 lower than it normally sells for, and happens to be the first price drop on this recently-released drive. If you're dealing with slow storage in your current laptop, it's time to ditch it and swap in a new SSD for yourself. Doing something as simple as replacing your spinning drive with a solid-state one can make a huge impact on your machine's performance and load times. You don't have to take my word for it, try it for yourself with one of these discounted drives.

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