Turbine powered Batmobile uses iPad for in dash GPS and audio system [video]

If you are a fan of Batman, you are going to love this Batmobile. It is a real road car which has been built by Casey Putsch of the Putsch Racing facility. What’s more, it is powered by a turbine which sounds absolutely awesome and has an in-dash GPS and audio system powered by an iPad. What more could any Batman loving iPad geek want?

This is the only Bat car created that makes fiction reality. It is powered by a military spec turboshaft engine driving the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox. It features a custom tube frame/monocoque chassis with fully independent suspension, disc brakes, and a sequential shifter. It runs on kerosene, diesel, or Jet fuel and has a power to weight ratio comparable to a Dodge Viper. The car is registered and insured for the road in the United States. Built in 2011 by Casey Putsch. Casey Putsch has the Putsch Racing facility.

Take a look at the car driving around the streets and listen to the sound of that engine in the video after the break. There are also a lot more pictures too. I want one now!

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  • Now this is a cool idea. If only it had say an iPod touch or iPhone interface in the steering wheel for things like cruise control & radio volume. Oh & phone calls.
  • Turbine powered? They could just speed up the film like they did in the 60s TV show. Much more realistic.
  • sigh.. it just sounds annoying and like an airplane.. looks good tho
  • It makes all that noise, and can only go like 15 mph? It looks fake, like maybe they just added the turbine sound to the video. Why does it sound the same when it is being recorded from inside the car vs filming from afar, or as it pulls in to the garage?
  • I suppose you're not too familiar with power to weight or how turbine engines work in an application like this. Thrust is what causes the acceleration here.. so from a dead stop, this thing likely isn't too exciting. After the turbine begins to suck in some air.. it's probably easily capable of 200+ MPH.
  • Actually guys, it gets up and goes quite well. I'm just smarter than to drive illegally in a video that is being seen worldwide. It is also not as loud as you think. Compare the sound level of the truck driving by to the Batmobile driving by.