Turn your old iPhone into your kids' dream device with this awesome guide

Are you looking for something to do with an old iPhone? If so, the folks over at Bos Organization have put together a nifty little guide to repurposing iPhones that are no longer used as an iPod touch of sorts for kids.

This incredibly detailed guide involves a total of 9 steps that include everything from erasing the device to setting it up in a kid-friendly way and, of course, securing it with the right case.

This option may not be for everyone, as you may be able to sell your old device for more than the $199 price of a new iPod touch. But it's simple enough and still worth checking out if those pleas for playing Angry Birds are commonplace in your household. Especially if you have an iPhone laying around that's a few years old.

Head on over to the source link to check out the guide. Then let us know what the results were if you gave it a go!

Source: Bos Organization

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