Twelvesouth introduces the SurfacePad, a luxury leather cover for your iPhoneWell known high end Apple accessory manufacturer Twelvesouth has announced its latest accessory for the iPhone and it is something just that little bit different. Say hello to the “SurfacePad” which Twelvesouth is calling an ultra-slimluxury leather cover for the iPhone. Yep, it is not a case according to Twelvesouth, it’s a cover for those that like to keep their iPhone safe from life’s daily dangers while still allowing its beautiful design to shine through.

Made from luxury Napa leather, SurfacePad dresses up iPhone unlike any other cover. At less than 1/10th an inch thick and weighing less than one ounce, this thin leather jacket does not interfere with the buttons, ports or camera on iPhone. Since the cover wraps around and protects the front and back surfaces, the tell-tale profile of the iPhone remains on display. At a glance there’s never any doubt what phone you’ve chosen to run your world.

SurfacePad is thin, light and shows off your iPhone - but it also makes a design statement all its own. It adds a pop of color to your iPhone. It makes your phone distinctive and sophisticated in a sea of silly plastic. With its razor thin profile and supple touch, SurfacePad is the first cover worthy of your iPhone, and shares the same design sensibilities as well. Sleek, modern, minimal - both device and cover are cut from the same cloth

The SurfacePad for iPhone is available for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and comes in three different colors too. You can have it in Jet Black, Modern White or Red Pop. The SurfacePad also has a built in stand sewn into the back cover which lets you watch videos or even set your iPhone down in a position suitable for use as a bedside clock radio. If you fancy getting your hands on one of these rather innovative covers for your iPhone they are available right now from Twelvesouth and will cost you $34.99.

What do you think about the Twelvesouth SurfacePad for iPhone?

Source: Twelvesouth

Twelvesouth introduces the SurfacePad, a luxury leather cover for your iPhone

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