Best Coffee Warmers iMore 2022

No-one likes lukewarm coffee, tepid tea or sub-temperature soup. Make such nightmares a thing of the past by investing in a coffee and mug warmer for your desk. We have both electric- and USB-powered options that can keep your beverage as warm as 140 degrees Celsius. Take a look through our collection of the best toasty coasters available today.

Woodwarm: Vobaga Imitation Wood Coffee & Cup Warmer

Staff Pick

Designed for use with flat-bottomed cups, mugs and small bowls, this has a 9cm diameter heated surface to keep your liquids warm. It's splashproof, has non-slip feet and boasts three temperature levels — 40, 100, and 140 degrees Celsius — signified by the different coloured lights on the cup icon.

£22 at Amazon

Groovy: Mustard Hot Tracks Coffee & Cup Warmer

If quirky product design is your thing, consider a Mustard coffee warmer. There are three designs: a vinyl record, a cookie design and a pink frosted doughnut option. USB-powered with a 38-inch cable, the warmers hit a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius to keep your choice of beverage gently warm.

£11 at Amazon

Cup combo: Cosori Stainless Steel Coffee & Cup Warmer

Anyone serious about keeping their coffee hot needs to look at this stainless steel cup'n'coaster combo. The food-grade 500ml cup with a heat resistant handle comes with a lid. The spill-resistant base gets touch controls and an LED display to set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

£38 at Amazon

Hot metal: Frienda Electric Coffee & Mug Warmer

This mini warming plate will heat your beverage to between 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. Although, if you use the bundled food-grade silicone cup, Frienda states your drink should keep a steady 55-degree level. Wipe-clean, this has a symmetrical heat diverging design to help protect your work surface from heat damage.

£16 at Amazon

Time and temp: ToullGo Electric Coffee & Cup Warmer

An intelligent option, ToullGo's warmer can sense when there is weight on the warmer. When it's empty the plate will not heat up, stick a cup on it, and you're good for temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. This also stands apart from the competition with a timer — the shutdown mode can be programmed to switch off anytime between one and nine hours.

£20 at Amazon

Sleek heat: Yurnero Electric Coffee & Cup Warmer

This warmer is a minimalist option for anyone who doesn't "do" desk clutter. The touch-sensitive warmer operates on a beautifully simple touch to turn on, touch to maintain the temperature and touch again to turn off basis. The low profile coaster is wipe-clean with a glass surface and powered by the mains, so you don't have to sacrifice a USB port to use it.

£17 at Amazon

Lava java

You will never have a cold cup of coffee again if you invest a small amount in one of our capable cup warmers. If you're supporting a worrying habit along with that caffeine addiction, consider the ToullGo Electric Coffee & Cup Warmer option. This will only heat up if it senses the weight of a mug, and you can set a timer for it to turn off for up to nine hours.

We like our overall staff pick, the Vobaga Imitation Wood Coffee & Cup Warmer. It has an attractive faux-wood finish, can be set to a market-leading three different temperature levels, and has a decent size warming plate that can even accommodate the base of a small bowl.

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