Unity updated with MFi game controller support for iOS 7

Unity, the game engine used to create countless titles for iOS and other platforms, got a 4.2.2 update that the company announced via its blog on Friday. Among the changes is support for game controllers in iOS, according to Unity.

Among the many changes in iOS is MFi game controller support. Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod is a certification program offered by Apple that blesses specific devices for use with Apple's products.

Apple started the program a number of years ago to give consumers confidence when they bought third-party accessories like dock and clock radios with 30-pin Dock Connectors in them, and the company announced at WWDC this past June that MFi game controller support would be coming in iOS 7.

Now iOS 7 is out in the world, and we're still yet to see any game controllers designed to work with iOS devices hit the market, but that's just a matter of time. Logitech is rumored to be producing several. Software developers have already announced support for iOS game controllers - Amiga Games did so just this past week, for example.

Unity's support for iOS game controllers works directly with Unity's own standard input API, according to the release notes.

Peter Cohen