Vauxhall now shipping the Adam with integrated Siri connectivity, current owners get a free upgrade

The Vauxhall Adam -- or OPEL, if you're in mainland Europe -- hasn't been on the market for long, but from today each Adam that drives out of the showroom will have Siri connectivity. But, current owners aren't left out, as they can take their car back to Vauxhall for a free update to their Intellilink to give them Siri in their car as well.

Siri is reachable in the car via a button on the steering wheel. Hitting this voice control button will automatically link up with Siri on your iPhone, and everything Siri can do, suddenly your car can do. Pretty sweet.

Beyond this, Vauxhall is also to start selling the 'Siri edition' of the Adam. This special edition version is available in 'Apple style' white or black paint jobs along with some brushed aluminium wing mirrors. But don't call it an iCar. Any Adam owners out there excited for this? Let us know when you grab your update!

Source: Pocket-Lint

Richard Devine

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