Verizon airs iPad 2 commercial

Seemingly not content with Apple's stellar run of Peter Coyote voiced iPad 2 commercials, Verizon has struck out on a commercial of their own (pun semi intended) simply entitled iPad2. (Lack of proper spacing theirs, not ours.)

It does start off saying iPad 2 is "faster, thinner, and lighter". Thankfully, however, there's nary a mention of Tegra 2 processors -- or rather Apple A5 processors -- in sight, simply a focus on buying iBooks on the beach, staying connected at the park, and photo tweeting while camping.

These make sense as a way to try and steal iPad 2 users away from the AT&T 3G model, much as Verizon did last year with their Break Away commercial for the original iPad + Mi-Fi combo deal, and both Verizon and AT&T have done for iPhone 4.

This one doesn't feel as solid as any of those though. If you were on the carrier fence, would this make you choose Verizon?

Rene Ritchie

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  • And not a dual core loving mom in sight :p
    Also just wait until the iPad gets iOS 5
  • [Read the WARNING for iPad users]
  • Ok, I am admittedly a complete tablet newbie and I'm considering the iPad, but I have a question about the commercial. Is the iPad really that easy to read in the sunlight at the beach? I spend a lot of time reading outside and friends keep telling me to get a Kindle or a Nook. They keep saying the iPad's screen can be washed out in bright light. But it looked great in the commercial. Is that how it is in real life? Thanks.
  • I'm extremely happy with my iPad 2, and I have read a lot of books on it, but if you want to read outside, even in cloudy weather, forget about it.
    There's so much glare, it's impossible.
    If the main thing you want to use your iPad for is reading, get a nook, Sony reader or kindle, but if you want to do anything else on it, buy an iPad, and read your ebooks inside.
  • I like it. It shows what the iPad can do in the REAL world and thats what the general human wants.they want to see what they can do with the device in their neighborhood. Not behind some chroma key with a dismbodied hand or wonder if their tablet will turn in to a robot...
  • The idea of reading the iPad on the beach is ridiculous. If that's their first claimed use of the iPad, then they don't go to the beach. Or outside. At least with the iPad they don't.
    I love my iPad and use it constantly, except outside during the day.
    No, this isn't a better ad than Apple's ads. If I were trying to market Verizon's iPad showing how it connects with Wi-Fi, I would show it being used in a car. The visuals wouldn't be as stunning as a beach, but the ad would be more realistic.
  • in a world where Verizon has much better coverage than AT&T in the US, heck AT&T doesn't even have 3G 50 miles out of Manhattan. LOL!
  • VZ's coverage is, by far, better. And - in my own, non scientific tests in just my area - VZ's 3G can be just as fast. I took my AT&T iPhone to a Verizon store and compared speeds. (yes, wi-fi was off.)
  • If you're reading outdoors, then you're already hopeless.
    Have a nice, short, wasted life.
  • Good to meet you, kettle.
  • Hi Trenan. You're right, I mis-typed. I meant away from Wi-Fi. I would show someone using the Verizon iPad in a car to connect to Google Maps Traffic to divert them around a traffic jam.
    That's great you can see your iPad screen on the beach. I can't see it in the sun. The screen just looks black to me.
  • I wasn't paying attention to the rest the commercial; I was just staring at the model and getting lost in her smile at the end.
  • I want to know who's behind those blue eyes and smile.
  • It is impossible to use an iPad in the sun. But I would hang out with her and act like I could read in the sun....all day.