Verizon airs iPad 2 commercial

Seemingly not content with Apple's stellar run of Peter Coyote voiced iPad 2 commercials, Verizon has struck out on a commercial of their own (pun semi intended) simply entitled iPad2. (Lack of proper spacing theirs, not ours.)

It does start off saying iPad 2 is "faster, thinner, and lighter". Thankfully, however, there's nary a mention of Tegra 2 processors -- or rather Apple A5 processors -- in sight, simply a focus on buying iBooks on the beach, staying connected at the park, and photo tweeting while camping.

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These make sense as a way to try and steal iPad 2 users away from the AT&T 3G model, much as Verizon did last year with their Break Away commercial for the original iPad + Mi-Fi combo deal, and both Verizon and AT&T have done for iPhone 4.

This one doesn't feel as solid as any of those though. If you were on the carrier fence, would this make you choose Verizon?