Vodafone UK and O2: iPad 3G price plans coming end of May

Well as long as Apple has delayed their international iPad rollout until the end of May, Vodafone might as well announce on Twitter that they'll be providing 3G data plans to go with them, right?

Dedicated iPad price plans for all models available at the end of May. Get the best browsing experience on UK’s best network.

UPDATE: O2 and Orange UK have released an almost identical statement to Vodafone now. iPad 3G prices coming late May.

Anyone waiting to get their iPad on Vodafone? Any guesses as to whether they'll offer the same unlocked, no-contract, reasonable rates as AT&T in the US?

[Thanks Dave for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • I was just telling someone yesterday that steve was going to make sure the US was taken care of first.
  • We will be screwed over. Yup
  • I'm curious, will the iPad be subsidized like a mobile on such plans? Hmm.
  • @Rob Unless your carrier decides they've already made too much money and need to get rid of some, it's not going to be subsidized. It's an upfront purchase with the option to get monthly pay-as-you-go data on it.
  • @Hakala I really hope they do pay as you go data. If they have the monopoly on 3G, I REALLY hope they decide against contract deals - which would put me off significantly (as that's way too much on top of mobile price plans)
  • Hi Guys I Am Visiting England And Buying my ipad there. I Live in russia and they will release in 2011 but i have no sense of waiting any chance i can get the ipad wifi+3g model (cuz i need the 3g) so i can i use it with russian sims cards in the ipad wifi+3g . can i use it in russia
    please tell me guys
  • no chance of using it in russia its a new micro sim we dont have the tech yet i think thats why theres a longer wait for the 3g models
  • Looks like you may be able to. Even if Russia does not provide a micro sim yet, it look like it's not too problematic to convert a standard sim into a micro sim, as this guy in the US has done
    As Steve Jobs said, when the iPad was announced, all iPads will be unlocked, so there's no worry about buying one from anywhere in the world, and now it looks like the micro sim situation is merely a minor form conversion.
    good luck
  • and here's more information on converting a standard SIM into a micro SIM... looks damn easy
  • lol yeah simples
  • ahem...Orange iPad prices here
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