WaterField has been making beautiful bags, cases, and sleeves for laptops, tablet, and accessories for years, and it just unveiled its newest product.

The Tech Folio Plus is described as a "premium gear organizer" that is aimed to protect your accessories and tablet that you may carry around every day. Although the Tech Folio Plus may look small, it certainly has a lot of functionality and storage to boot according to the Waterfield press release.

"The Folio Plus opens like a book via smooth-gliding waterproof zippers. Inside, a multitude of stretch mesh pockets allow users to quickly and easily spot USB cords, dongles, adapters, earbuds, SD cards, flash drives, a headset, a power supply, and more. Cords can be bunched and easily inserted in to the pockets — a significant time saver as there is no need to perfectly coil and strap them in. Two soft, open-topped pockets hold and protect a hard drive and backup battery or other bulkier items including small foldable headphones. Behind one panel of pockets is a padded tablet compartment that fits up to a 12.9-inch iPad."

The coolest thing about this new carrying case is that Waterfield didn't design it alone. In fact, the Tech Folio Plus is the third Waterfield product that was design using crowdsourced information.

"WaterField designed the Tech Folio Plus using its unique customer-collaboration process that results in highly-functional products specifically tailored to address customer needs. After analyzing survey data gathered from hundreds of customers, the company identified the need for three unique cases. It then began to design prototypes, while continuing to gather feedback and to provide project participants with design updates. The resulting Tech Folio Plus — WaterField's third gear case unveiled this month — incorporates details that reflect how people interact with the product on a daily basis."

The WaterField Tech Folio Plus is available to pre-order for $149 right now. Plus, if you order today, it will ship by Sept. 1, 2018!

Pre-Order the Tech Folio Plus