The Waylens 360 Dash Cam records inside and outside your vehicle at $140 off today

The Waylens Secure360 4G Dash Cam is one of the most versaitile on the market. With its 360-degree viewing angle, it's capable of recording both inside and outside your vehicle and capturing a better view than most others can dream of. For just one day only, Best Buy is offering a one-day sale on the camera bringing its price down to $259.99. That saves you close to $150 off its full cost of $400.

With its integrated radar, three-axis accelerometer, and GPS sensors, Waylens Secure360 4G Dash Cam is able to detect different movements and know when your vehicle is in a collision. It automatically uploads videos to the cloud for secure storage using a high-speed 4G LTE connection. That connectivity also allows you to receive live alerts and monitor your vehicle in real time. The camera plugs into your vehicle's OBD-II port for power and is easy to mount using the included accessories.

This camera features an advanced HDR engine with multi-exposure fusion and motion artifact reduction for crystal clear video, while its IR LEDs work to help it see in low-light conditions or at night. To store footage directly on the camera, you'll need a microSD card up to 256GB. If you don't own one already, you can pick up this SanDisk 256GB microSD card on sale for $35 at Amazon (opens in new tab). Other capacities are even more affordable. Best Buy offers free shipping on the Waylens Secure360 dash cam, though you could also select free in-store pickup at checkout to receive your order even faster.

Having a dash cam is pretty essential these days, and the one above could even be a great match for Uber or Lyft drivers since it can record your passengers simultaneously. However, if recording the inside of your vehicle isn't a priority, you can find more affordable picks for less than $100 using this guide to the best dash cams in 2020.

Alex Smith

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