AppCoreKit offers to do heavy-app-lifting so devs can concentrate on iOS 7 eyecandy

During all the WWDC 2013 hubbub, I missed linking to AppCoreKit, a new iOS framework by WhereCloud. Here's how Fred Brunel, WhereCloud's CTO, describes it:

We've packaged great implementations of the most common design patterns right into AppCoreKit, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down and start a new iOS project. Our goal is to provide a thorough and reliable framework to the iOS development community, to allow them to spend less time on low-level app construction, and more time on the new visual language introduced with iOS 7.

I loved WhereCloud's late, lamented Twitter client, Reportage, and I've enjoyed several of their CocaoHeads presentations. This stuff is way over my head though, so if any devs among us give this a whirl, I'd be interested in knowing how well it works for you.

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