Wi-Fi version of the new iPad cleared for sale in China

Though Apple hasn't announced when the new iPad will be coming to China, the Wi-Fi model has recently passed through the China Quality Certification Center. This bodes well for a launch in the next couple of weeks or months, but there are a few hurdles.

China has proven to be highly active app users, but it seems like Samsung is still leading the way in the area of smartphones. One significant roadblock to the new iPad in particular has been a claim to the trademark by a Chinese lighting and display manufacturer called Proview. Even though passing through the certification process bodes well for a new iPad launch in one of the world's biggest markets for electronics, the trademark squabble is ongoing, and may hold up the release for awhile still. Eager Chinese consumers will also have to wait for a 3G model to pass through certification.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had recently visited China to talk with government officials, and I would be surprised if a big part of those discussions weren't about getting the new iPad onto store shelves.

Source: PCWorld, The Guardian

Simon Sage

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