Dieter mentioned this in the hardware section of our iPad review, but we've seen enough reports (and gotten enough email about it!) that we wanted to break it out and see how widespread a problem this may be for our readers:

Speaking of that aluminum casing, it blocks WiFi signals pretty effectively. To get around that, Apple placed the WiFi antenna behind the plastic Apple logo. While all reports indicate it’s a good antenna, I do find that I’m getting slightly worse reception on the iPad than I do on other devices.

I haven't had a problem either at home on an dual-band Airport Extreme in 802.11n mode or at work on an ancient Linksys in 802.11g, however I'm going try it out in more places on more routers and compare it to both laptops and iPhone/iPod touch to try and get a better idea.

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More importantly, however, we want to see what your experience with iPad on Wi-Fi has been. Is the signal strong and steady or sparse and subject to frequent drops? How does the connectivity compare to your iPhone and/or iPod touch?