Win a brand new iPhone or iPad mini case from Pad & Quill! Enter now!

Pad & Quill make some of our favorite iPhone and iPad cases, and they've recently released brand new versions for both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. As always, they're hand made in Minnesota, and their baltic birch and leather stand in gorgeous contrast to Apple's glass and aluminum devices. Best of all, they're giving three (3) of each away to our awesome iMore readers.

Here's how to enter:

  1. Go to P&Q's Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5 page or Little Pocket Book for iPhone 4/4S page and choose the model you want; or
  2. Go to P&Q's iPad mini page and choose the model you want
  3. Paste the exact model name (and color!) in the comments below
  4. That's it!

We'll pick 3 iPhone case winners and 3 iPad mini case winners, and P&Q will send you your prize!

Ready? Who are we kidding, you were born ready! Enter now!

Win a brand new iPhone or iPad mini case from Pad & Quill Enter now!

Rene Ritchie

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