Win a Tablet of your choice from TouchType!

To celebrate one million downloads of their SwiftKey keyboard app, TouchType is giving away a tablet each to THREE lucky winners! Which tablets? Whichever the winner chooses so long as they're available for purchase for up to $800 where he or she lives. iPad 2, PlayBook, Xoom, Galaxy Tab are all on the table.

How do you enter? TouchType has put together a small survey which shouldn't take more than five or ten minutes to complete. That's it - well, that and a quick perusal of the official entry rules just to make sure you're eligible (sorry minors and SPE employees). The contest is open to readers of Android Central,, TiPb, and WPCentral and ends at midnight Pacific on April 14th.

Not familiar with TouchType? You may have also seen that TouchType made a splash at this year's CTIA with their tablet keyboard for Honeycomb - that's coming soon, but SwiftKey is available now for Android devices.

So get cracking on the survey, folks - these tablets aren't going to give themselves away.

  • Survey crapped the bed 8 screens in :\
  • reload page should pick up where you left off probably getting hammered by people.
  • No luck :\
  • Spoke too soon, even tens of minutes later when I went back it remembered where I was. Well played...
  • thanks for always being on this stuff guys i appreciate the opportunity.
  • april fools? lol
  • na I dobut it.
    Glad to see you have a choice and they are not just favoring one brand you get in the product aisle.
  • produce
  • kinda cool.. It would be real hard not to sell it if I won though...
  • Done and done. Cant wait to win!
  • Gotta be in it to win it! ;)
  • I went looking for the app in the app store lol.
  • iPod touch does not count. "thank you for your intrest" oh well, I never win anything.
  • Another contest that I will not win.
  • I hear ya.
  • Yeah, where's the love for iTouch? It's just like a mini tablet afterall. Does everything I need without all the annoying phone calls! :-)
  • I would love an app that improves - or lets you change - certain aspects of your keyboard. For example, I'm not crazy about the current layout. Having watched the keynote address by HP introducing the Pre and the Touch tablet or whatever it's called, their keyboard didn't require multiple layers for the @ symbol and numbers, for example. I think there is also the ability to resize it (the keys), which seems obvious being that it is a virtual keyboard is simply a graphic of an "actual" keyboard.
    P.S.: Anytime I mention HP's little wanna-be Steve Jobs-caliber presentation of a new and supposedly "must-have" product, I feel compelled to point out the sad fact that HP's unoriginal and embarrassing "show" is nothing but a flat-out copy of Apple's keynotes' style and presentation.
    P.P.S.: I'm sorry for the OT comments, but even watching Steve Ballmer's attempt to get the crowd excited and involved at the MWC event in Barcelona made me only question Microsoft's originality and ability to innovate without copying other companies' ideas in general. Alright, so I'll shut up now. ;-)
  • I think apple could get away with incorperating that into ios 5. I thinks that's more likely than them incorperating swype or swift
  • I actually enjoy watching Ballmer act like a jackass onstage; a filthy rich jackass, but a jackass nonetheless.
  • I do as well. I only meant how so many "presenters" have copied Apple's style as of late when it comes to tablets, but I, too, enjoy Ballmer acting crazy screaming about developers, developers, developers... as he barely avoids a heart attack with sweat pouring down his shirt. haha...
  • I do as well. I only meant how several presenters have copied, and presentations have imitated, Apple's style as of late when it comes to introduction of new products. I, too, enjoy Ballmer acting crazy screaming about developers, developers, developers... as he barely avoids a heart attack with sweat pouring down his shirt. haha...
  • I will subscribe to any app that provides me with shortcuts to my day. I want an easy calendar, task, memo pad, message taker for the family. I will not be using the tablet for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, thank you.
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