The Wireless Gear video blogging kit on sale for $65 gets your opinion out there

Time to be the change you want to see in the world! Start your video blogging career and dream of social media influence with the Wireless Gear Creator kit on sale for $64.99 total. Groupon is taking $5 off the final price, which is already discounted when you buy the kit as a bundle instead of buying the pieces individually. The deal comes with free shipping and free returns, and Groupon promises it'll arrive before Christmas if that's important.

If you have one part of the kit and just need one of the others, you can buy them at a discounted price one piece at a time. The kit includes an adjustable stand with a table camp going for $17.99 instead of $20, a microphone with a tripod stand discounted from $25 to $22.99, and a ring light with a stand selling for $32.99 instead of $35.


Wireless Gear Video Blogging Creator Kit

You can also buy the individual pieces discounted if you just need, say, a ring light or a microphone, instead of the whole thing. Groupon sales only last for a limited time and tend to sell out. Everything has a one-year warranty.

The ring light sits on a tripod stand and can serve as a source of lighting when you are recording your videos. Just remember that cameras love light and the more you have the better you'll look while sharing your weird opinions online. Or just use it to light up your face during conference calls and other video interactions. The light has a gooseneck so it's easy to place where you want it along with three color modes.

The microphone also includes a tripod stand and plugs into any computer's 3.5mm jack. It provides high-clarity and sound for voice communication, whether you're trying to create the next viral video, reviewing the latest tech, or just trying to talk with friends and family online. Record music or a new podcast. It has a noise-cancelling module to help keep your voice clear even with background noise going on.

The adjustable stand can hold just about any type of phone, including the iPhone or Samsung phones. It has a lightweight gooseneck that's easy to carry and adjust. Use it for live streaming or video recording anywhere you need a steady stand. The clamp on the end can grab hold of any table and provide a secure grip.

All three items come with a one-year warranty.

John Levite

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