The versatile Maxsooner 8000mAh Portable Wireless Charging Power Bank gives you three ways to power up on-the-go, and today it's hitting a new low price at Amazon when you use promo code SBSNNXRF during checkout. Now at just $18.99, you'll be saving over $25 off the average cost of this power bank; it's sold for up to $60 within the past few months there. The code is eligible on both the white and black models of this product while supplies last.

Portable Power

Maxsooner 8000mAh Portable Wireless Charging Power Bank

This compact portable power bank has a built-in wireless charger that's compatible with all Qi-enabled phones and charges at up to 10W. It also has USB-C and USB-A charging ports so you can power up other devices as well.

$18.99 $44.79 $26 off

With coupon: SBSNNXRF

Easily the most useful and uncommon feature of this portable power bank is its ability to wirelessly charge any Qi-compatible device. It even acts as a stand to prop your phone up while it's charging. Compatible Android devices will charge at up to 10W while all Qi-enabled iPhone models charge at up to 7.5W. There's a 5W charging mode for other devices as well.

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It's suitable for more than just Qi-enabled phones though. It features both a USB-A port with Quick Charge 3.0 and a USB-C port with Power Delivery so you can plug in a device to charge. The USB-C port can reach up to 18W of power, meaning if you want the fastest charge, you'll want to plug into it directly and make sure you have a USB-C cable that can handle the power.

Maxsooner built protections into this 3-in-1 charger to keep your devices safe from overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharging, overheating, and more. Plus, since it's made of high-quality fireproof ABS plastic, you'll be doubly protected from this product ever causing an issue.

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