The XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS receiver gives you full GPS on your Wi-Fi only iPad or iPod touch. Since no cellular radio means no GPS in Apple's product line, this is a way to use your iPad Wi-Fi or iPod touch for ap

If you have a WiFi only iPad or iPod touch, which does not have GPS and you want to use it for navigation; with this little accessory you can. It is basically a Bluetooth GPS receiver that can be paired with your device of choice and it then sends accurate GPS location data to any app that can use it.

One of the big decisions when buying an iPad is always should you pay the extra for a 3G model with GPS. If you only need the GPS there is now another option. Of course, the GPS receiver will only work with apps that store the map data on your device; such as TomTom, Navigon, Co-Pilot Live etc. Other apps like Google Maps would still require a data connection as they stream the maps over a data connection.

The receiver comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up top 8.5 hours, a 12v car charger, non slip car mounting mat and strap to attach to a bag or armband. The XGPS150 costs $99 and has a free app which allows you to see detailed information on your location, number of satellites and signal strength of each.

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