The next version of Android, the software provided by Google that runs most of the world's phones, tablets, and increasingly other consumer electronics systems, will be — wait for it! — Nougat!

There'll be a bunch of previously revealed new features in Android Nougat when it goes public later this year, presumably with some hot new Nexus and partner devices.

What's in a name?

Personally, I'm non-plussed by the choice of name. Nougat was always the candy my grandmother would give us that no one wanted to eat. I'm not sure how popular it is in the U.S. and Google's other big markets, but then I'm not sure how many consumers will actually be running it anytime soon anyway.

Nutella, to me, would have been a much stronger name. Maybe licensing couldn't be worked out like it was Kit Kat, or it just wasn't the direction they wanted to go. Either way, I can't help but think any bit of extra pop appeal would have helped.

Last year's Android update, Marshmallow, has barely broken 10%, while last year's iOS 9 is well over 80%{.nofollow}. Say potatoo, potaato, all you want, but updates are good for customers and part of the overall value offered at time of purchase.

Apple's own 2016 mobile operating system, iOS 10 is expected to be released this fall as well, and will once again be available day-and-date for iPhones and iPads, on every carrier, in every region, all at once.

More to come!

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