What you need to know

  • Yelp is updating its app with a focus on personlization.
  • Set preferences like dietary restrictions, food, lifestyle, interests and more.
  • Then you'll be suggested places that fit those preferences.

Yelp is making it much easier to customize your discovery experience with a new update. Rolling out for Yelp on iOS and Android, the update introduces a more personalized home screen and search results, making easier than ever to find a place of interest.

Here's what Yelp said about the update:

For the first time, when two people with different lifestyles open the Yelp app from the same time and place, their homescreen and the entire search experience will be organized and personalized for them. For example, a gluten-free pet owner who likes hiking and brunch will see a very different homescreen and search experience than a vegetarian parent who loves donuts, farmer's markets and breweries.

Personalizing your app will start with a new heart on the home screen. From there, you can select preferences like dietary restrictions, food and drink, interests, lifestyle and accessibility.

Now, anytime you open the Yelp app, it'll present you with "Discover more favorites" based on your preferences. This, Yelp hopes, will eliminate the indecision that comes with looking at a lot of options.

Yelp is rolling out the update for iOS and Android users now.