ZAGGbox, ZAGGsparq, App Space -- TiPb @ CES 2010

ZAGG, the makers of Invisible Shield, have diversified in a big way with their ZAGGbox video recorder, ZAGGsparq battery charger, and AppSpace service.

ZAGGbox pulls in all your analog video (including HD via component), gives you fast switching via a unified remote, and renders iPhone-compatible video you can send right to your device.

ZAGGsparq is a massive battery charger that re-charge an iPhone 4 times before it runs out of juice, and since it has 2 USB ports, it can charge your Bluetooth or any other compatible gadget at the same time.

AppSpace is an application discovery engine where you can go online to try and sort through the App Store's massive catalog and find more of the stuff you like. It also supports Android, with BlackBerry, Palm, and Symbian coming soon.

Video of all three, after the break!

[YouTube video link]

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