4th of July App Store sales - EA, Gameloft, Namco, Glu

In celebration of the US 4th of July holiday, there are a bunch of sales going on in the iTunes Apps Store, including EA, Gameloft, Glu, Namco, and more.

Aside from games, if you have a few moments to spend browsing through Apple's hundreds of thousands of apps, you might just find a quite a few others taking advantage of the holiday to drum up some sales.

Check out the links below for some great game lists. Any of your favorites super cheap today? Let us know in comments!

[Touch Arcade sales list, 148apps sale list]

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There are 12 comments. Add yours.

stephen007 says:

Hmmm... Unfortunately it seems that some of the sales have already concluded. Phooey. I was in a buying mood.

Dosekies says:

Once again late to the game with this story. WTH TIPB?

Michael says:

I checked out the big names listed above, my suggestion is they forget any sale prices and focus on iOS 4 compatibility. Especially Gameloft and EA, I feel confident in saying they knew what was coming and should able to get things done quicker.
I for one won't be buying anything new until they state their graphics take advantage of the iPhone 4G display. Otherwise its a beautiful display in search of something to show off.

victor says:

thank god toucharcade can notify it's readers of major sales before they happen...

BSmith4832 says:

Hate to say it, but I'm with @Dosekies on this one. The last three articles seem a bit behind. It's a bit disappointing.

fresh1 says:

Try out the Free App Tracker app (do a search in the app store .. its a free app)..
It tracks apps that were once pay , but are now free .. It also shows apps that have had a price drop .... There is tons of apps on there .. They update it several times a day so there is always new stuff.. It tracks all apps ( games , music etc)..
Pretty cool app so you can keep up with paid apps that are now free, and also keep up with all the apps that go on sale ..

j00w00t says:

How are you going to post a one day sale article a day late? Slackers

GinoDotCom says:

Namco sale is still on, gameloft is no longer. Not sure about Glu.
I bought PAC-Man for 99cents!

Michael says:

@Fresh1, thanks for the suggestion. I d/l free app tracker, with all of the apps now available its nice to find price changes quickly.

Nicola says:

Rafter HD for the iPad and Mac are on sale for 99 cents to celebrate the 4th of July

adspedia says:

Red Panic Button has a special 4th of July promo and is FREE for both iPhone and Android. A MUST safety app – http://www.redpanicbutton.com – get it now!