New Angry Birds game coming in March

The next version of the hit game Angry Birds will be coming to the App Store in March. The new game will not be a true sequel, but will be a licensed game based on the tie in with 20th Century Fox's upcoming animated film Rio.

Rio is a film about rare birds being kidnapped by other birds and is all about them escaping to freedom. Therefore we assume in this game, you will be up against birds rather than the nasty pigs that steal your eggs.

The film Rio is due to be released on April 15th but the new game will be available sometime in March. No exact date yet, but we will let you know as soon as we hear. While you wait patiently, take a look at the video teaser after the break, then let us know what you think in the comments!



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There are 12 comments. Add yours.

KC says:

Am I the only one who doesn't care? There are many far better games on the App Store.

Rtistic says:

Yes you are the only one sorry

fastlane says:

No, he's not the only one. I'm not five years-old either. :roll:

Brad says:

Wow... Someone woke up on the wrong side of their high horse. Gonna run over any peasants in your carriage or tell them to eat cake too? Judgmental douche.

websyndicate says:

I really dont care. Cant even pass the first one.

Jon says:

The first one got pretty boring after the 1st set of levels, hope the 2nd one isnt as repetitive

JayRoc#IM says:

They gotta finish updating the game they have out now...

Chris says:

angry birds RIO is coming out i am super exited thanks tipb for the info :)

Muhammed Awais says:

It really bothered me that when I go into itunes with my touch or with the program, the first game is always angry birds. It strikes me as unfair that one game is obviously getting special treatment over al the other games which are either as good as Angry Birds or even better. BUT like everyone i am also waiting for Angry Birds RIO to come :-)

websyndicate says:

I just wish the top apps would rotate. I know it's based off of sales but still

eric6052 says:

I enjoy Angry Birds as a game but think I will pass on the movie.