Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone, iPad now in app store!

Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone, iPad now in app store!

Angry Birds Seasons, the Christmas-themed update to Angry Birds Halloween we heard about last week has just now arrived in the iTunes App Store. And from the sounds of things they're just getting started.

From now on, every season is an Angry Birds season. After the special treats of Halloween, Angry Birds Seasons returns with another gift that keeps on giving: Season’s Greetings for the Holidays!

  • Count down the 25 days of Christmas with Angry Birds!
  • Frolic in the fun new levels in a snow-filled winter wonderland!
  • A very merry Golden Egg full of holiday spirit!

Can't wait for the Easter chocolate egg update, can you?

It's free if you previously bought Angry Birds Halloween, otherwise it's $0.99 for iPhone [iTunes link] or $1.99 for the iPad [iTunes link].

Did you get it? If so, what do you think?

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone, iPad now in app store!


Honestly - they should just add content to the original package for people who bought the game.. They're number one grossing app, and hold multiple other #1 positions on the app store.
Yes yes, people will say "they're a business, they're here to make money" but there's a difference between making money and keeping customers, to making money and not caring about past customers.
Many other games like Cut the Rope, which adds content to the game I've already bought, are doing amazing, and are keeping customers happy.

I totally agree with Jeff. I have felt the same way and was unable to find anyone else who felt that way. I personally didn't get addicted to this game, but it was alright to pass the time. I got pretty addicted to Cut the Rope though. I didn't, and still don't, understand what's so amazing about this game and it kind of pisses me off that they promised continuous updates and then they just randomly stop the updates for the app and release a totally new app. In my opinion, the game would have so much more value if you were able to create your own levels and upload them for online play. That would keep me playing.

Booooo!!! This update sucks. You can only play levels at certain times. I got three stars on the first level and want to continue. Nope. I must wait 3 hours and blah blah blah. I clicked on level 25 and it says I can play it in 23 days. BS! I want to play them now and beat them all. Yes, I am that good.

The Christmas levels are an Advent Calender! Interesting way of doing it but will piss off a lot of people too! I for one like the idea of a new level to play every day, but it doesn't take time zone into account. New levels will open up for me at 7pm every night.

Geez, it was 99 cents for the Halloween version which had 45 levels and this FREE update has 25 more, so you are already at 70 levels for about a dollar. People throw away $3-4 dollars on a cup of coffee every day at some places, yet they complain about spending 99 cents on something that will most likely give them more long term satisfaction (and none of the caffeine).
And the original Angry Birds did not have 11 Worlds like it does now. I don't know exactly how much it had at the start, but when I got it, it only went to World 6, and they would add new content every month or two. So they did almost DOUBLE the amount of levels from the original app and never charged an extra cent.
Still for only $2 to own both apps... is an incredible deal if you ask me. It is amazing how cheap some people can be...
And Cut The Rope is a much newer game than Angry Birds, and I'm sure eventually at some point will also stop with the free updates. But even now there are still less levels of that game than Angry Birds available.
Oh well, I'm excited for a new level of Angry Birds every day...

Just checked, there are 195 levels on the first Angry Birds and 70 on the Seasons edition. If the game had just come out as a $1.99 app with all 265 levels, I bet people wouldn't be complaining about the "value". That's a lot of content for $2! Not even 1 cent per level!

I love these apps and def think $2 is a fair value for the amount of time I've played them. I have 3 stars in every single level and look forward to doing the same on these. It does suck based on what you guys said that we have to wait for them to unlock though. I'll probably wait a couple weeks to buy it so I'll have a bunch unlocked at once :)

If you can't swing .99 cents for an app you shouldn't have an iPhone. And to the first comment, who ever said rovio is hurting and that cut the rope is doing better? Get real man.

all i have to say is... WHAT THE HELL ROVIO!!!!!!!!! Seriously what the f****!!!! You cant play this game unless your on Wi-Fi or 3G Connection! i bought it, downloaded it went to play it and i wasnt able to play because i wasnt on wi-fi connection! Because you need to have the right date so you dont go ahead blah blah!! thanks rovio! you ruined this update for ipod touch useres!!!!!!!!!

I already updated and it is great. Look if I don't spend 2 bucks on that it would be something else. Pack a lunch for one day and then get the app. Stop crying.

@Jeff Rovio has already added way more to the original Angry Birds than most developers ever do, for free. ZeptoLabs have quite a way to go before they've reached that point. Besides, the two Angry Birds cost £1.18... For the amount of content provided... I think that's a bargain.
I'm liking the update. Great festive music :-D Couple that with the 7 inches of snow outside and yup, its Christmas time! I also like the way its being done as an Advent Calendar. Mainly as it stops me from pouring god knows how many untold hours into it. Nope, I've done the level day for the day and now can go about my business patiently waiting for the next level in... 17 hours and 44 minutes.
Not that I'm counting.
@JonSammartano You really need to lay off the caffeine and chill out. You can still play the Halloween levels, you can still play any levels you have already unlocked if you stray from a wifi network, its not worth getting so wound up about.

Holy Christ, glad I'm not on some people's Christmas gift list around here. Although fitting that the discussion involves birds. CHEAP, CHEAP! :)
The Angry Birds combo - for a whopping $1.98 - is by far the best money I've spent on a game (iPhone, iPad, Xbox, DS, whatever) in the last 10 years. I'm still trying to 3-Star all the levels in the original. And this Advent Calendar idea is fantastic.

As a paying customer for the original Halloween Edition, then getting the Seasons for free, I'm a bit frustrated that I am restricted to one level per day. Not what I was expecting at all.
Gave the app a 1 star and a poor review for the lock out.

I bought the Halloween edition back in oct. Ita still on my phone but I can not update to seasons. It shows in the app store as I need to purchase the seasons edition. Did that happen to anyone else?

I agree with Marc.
Personally I wish all of the levels were non advent calendar style but hey, give them credit for being original.

This game bores me silly. I suppose its one of those games that anyone can play but still i hope the 15min is almost up on it..