App Giveaway: Flick Quarterback for iPhone and iPad

Full Fat, the creators of Flick Golf and Flick Soccer, have brought a new flicking game to their lineup - Flick Quarterback! In Flick Quarterback, you are the quarterback of your favorite football team and it's your job to pass - er, flick - the football to receivers and dodge defenders.

NFL Flick Quarterback is the first game to put the guts and glory of offensive passing in your hands. Be the QB of your favorite team - pass to receivers, dodge defenders and make amazing trick shots.

The incredible flick and 'after-touch' controls that have made users across the world love Flick Golf and Flick Soccer are now powering this awesome football-throwing experience.

  • Complete passes to try for the highest score in Playmaker
  • Face your opponents, avoiding their intelligent movement and interception skills
  • Juke oncoming defenders to avoid getting sacked
  • Throw as many passes as you can into the trash can in Trick Shot
  • Play during the day or night, and even take on the natural elements – can you stand up to the wind like the toughest of NFL QBs?
  • Pick your favorite team and customize your jersey name and number to become the QB you’ve always dreamed of becoming
  • Play among beautifully rendered 3D stadium environments
  • More than 120 unique football player animations
  • Dancing cheerleaders before the game
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • Stunning high resolution graphics
  • Enhanced for iPad 2


TiPb knows how much our readers love football, games, and free stuff, so we're gifting 5 copies of Flick Quarterback! For a chance to win, let us know which football team is your favorite and which version you prefer - iPhone or iPad.

Flick Quarterback is available on the iPhone for $2.99 and on the iPad for $4.99.

[iPhone App Store link] [iPad App Store link]

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There are 192 comments. Add yours.

Kylealanr says:

New England Patriots

Rev. Jared C. Tucher says:

It's sad to say, but my favorite team is and has always been the Indianapolis Colts. I stuck with them when they were 3-13 and 13-3. Right now, I'm still sticking with them. The only positive: living in Wyoming, I can't see the games every week.

Elderfoxy says:

IPad version!
Go Pats Go!!

FatimusPrime says:

I loooove the 49ers!! I also prefer the IPad.

Serraty says:

NY Giants! Big Blue.... iPad

Andres says:

Big Blue! Giants!! iPad version

Mike2 says:

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. iPhone version for me please

Mike2 says:

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. iPhone for me please

Nelson says:

iPhone please :)

Jordan says:

san francisco 49ers iphone please

Laguna1952 says:

Seattle Seahawks are my team, iPad would be my choice please and thank you.

The Lab DG says:

My team is in the dumps since Payton is out for the year, but I'm still a Colts fan! IPad

Jjcas15 says:

The 9-1 SF 49ers!! On iPhone

Peter85 says:

Helllllo. iPhone. Aaand green bay. :)

Terry says:

Seattle Seahawks are my team and iPad would be my choice please and thank you.

dustin says:

Vikings. Iphone. Thanks!

Bebeko says:

The giants! Ipad version please!

Hex says:

Dolphins, iPad please.

Markus Windisch says:

Panthers pride baby! With Cam we can! iPad of course :)

joedot says:

chicago bears. iphone please and thank you

mutyeaha says:

San Francisco 49ers ~ iPhone

Aperez031 says:

Philidelphia Eagles - iPhone please!!

m_jameson1 says:

I have been a University of Oregon Duck fan since I was a little kid. My dad was one of 10 kids, and 7 of them attended the University of Oregon. The love ran so deep, he would march me to bed EVERY night to the Oregon Fight Song. Needless to say.....I am quite the Duck football fan! :p
iPhone please

Rey_Rey_818 says:

Broncos Baby ! Tee pow ! Iphone

Reysan86 says:

Dallas cowboys for life ! iPhone

Rey_Rey_818 says:

Stupid iPhone auto correct lol I said TEEBOOW !!!! Broncos iPhone plz

Jerry says:

Chicago bears.iPhone please.

ben says:

49ers Baby! Their back! Woo Hoo! iPhone version please.

ben says:

49ers! They're back baby! WooHoo! iPhone version sil vous plait!

Crodley says:

Detroit Lions, one of the few years I can be proud of them, actually. :) Ipad Version...

Chris says:

49ers and iPhone all the way baby!

Chris says:

49ers and iPhone all the way baby!

jlb21 says:

Pats iPhone - hell yes

Yomonk1 says:

BEARS WIN!!! On the iPad

Yomonk1 says:

BEARS WIN!!!! On the iPad

TooBIGdotNet says:

love seeing all these bear fans on here.

Torrens In says:

My favorite team is Patriots and I prefer iPad version.

icw1970 says:

The Buffalo Bills and the iPhone 4

Nostrebla says:

My favourite team is San Francisco 49ers and the iphone version

Judy says:

Chicago Bears / iphone (4s)

chrisb3 says:

NY Jets and the iPhone version please.

baloghjz says:

The Cleveland Browns are, and always will be, my team! Here we go Brownies, here we go, Woof, Woof!!
I would love the iPhone version!

Bobby C says:

I love the UK Wildcats. They're absolutely terrible each year, but I still love them. Would love to have this game for the iPad2.

iosquattro says:

Fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite team is my hometown Detroit Lions! I'd love to win the iPhone version :)

James LaLima says:

New York Jets all the way! and Iphone version please.

Steve Newman says:

New York Giants....iPad version

Jeff Barnes says:

America's Team, baby... Dallas Cowboys - iPad2

jimgoun says:

I have always been (and always will be) a NY Giants fan, as long the keep the N.Y. in front of their name... yet since moving to Tampa (10 years ago) the Buck's have grown on me...
iphone version please...

StaticFX says:

cough Buffalo Bills cough - yeah i know... that game against the Dolphins was beyond embarrassing...sigh Maybe winning this could cheer me up?

Slickvic621 says:

Big fan of Indianapolis, and wouldn't care if I got the iPad or iPhone version, I could use either. Thanks again TiPb!

Wjtcustom says:

Philly Eagles ... iPad please

keyportkook says:

Philadelphia Eagles - ipad

HungWell says:

THE New England Patriots -- iPad

Tpierce67 says:

Green Bay Packers.......Iphone

Massr32 says:

New England Patriots--iPad version

Nick G says:

Detroit Lions... First time in my life that I am proud to say that!

Ross Ginsberg says:

New England Patriots - Iphone version

Fbcmusicman says:

Packers Baby! iPad version please

Goofypook says:


Chamgea says:

San Diego Super Chargers! - iPhone

Frank says:

New York Giants! iPad.

neblon says:

Dallas Cowboys.....iphone

lhuschke says:

Chicago Bears!!!
iPad 2!!!!

lhuschke says:

Chicago Bears!!!
iPad 2!!!!

IceyShanks says:

The Detroit Lions, SUH is the man!!! iPad version please.

Lrc24 says:

sadly the Miami Dolphins - iPad

okstateboi07 says:

Houston Texans-Iphone Version

Pnut says:

Jets - iPhone version. Please select me so I can throw the ball like it should be done!!!

Will Easley says:

Carolina Panthers!!!!! iPhone please.

Cuilo says:

Big cheese!!! iPad version!! Please hook me up!

Bodean says:

Detroit Lions - iPAD version. Going to issue Green Bay their first defeat this Turkey day!

Bodean says:

Change that to iPHONE version.

Anthony Eaton says:

New England Patriots-iPhone

j0n says:

Indianapolis Colts!! - iPhone version! thanks for this givaway Tipb! Cheers guys!

Joe McG says:

Chicago Bears - iPad Version

imatty says:

new england patriots, iPhone

bluedevils477#IM says:

Camilina (carolina) Panthers -- iPad

E Pow says:

Bengals baby, WHO DEY!!!! I'd love it on the iPhone or iPad.

E Pow says:

Bengals baby. WHO DEY!!!!!! I'd love the game on the iPhone or the iPad!

Eric says:

ATL Dirty Birds
iPhone version, please.

Metsgiantsfan234 says:

Ny giants (I know...really difficult to tell from my username) and iPad please.

Metsgiantsfan234 says:

Ny giants (I know...really difficult to tell based on my username) and the iPad version would be cool.

deliriousjayhawk says:

Dallas Cowboys! -- iPad version

Jason Patterson says:

Green Bay Packers - iPhone! Thanks.

Jbbarrette says:

Chargers!, iPhone copy please.

Sketso says:

The REAL America's team, Green Bay! - iPhone

TGR says:

I need the iPad version. :0

cisneros.cad says:

Dallas Cowboys - iPhone version

Tommy says:

Cowboys. I'd prefer iPad but iPhone works as well.

Tommy says:

Cowboys. I'd prefer iPad but iPhone works as well.

Angelo says:

Redskins - iPad version

Mousr25 says:

Steelers all the way!!! iPhone

Nick Griswold says:

The Lions! For the first time in my life, I am proud to be a fan (ipad version)

Mike 'Nibbz' Neborak says:

Eagles fan, we're having a bad year, would love this app to help me feel better, haha. Prefer iPhone version.

Sellhigh says:

Seattle Seahawks, iPad version

Nathan Kenyon says:

Pittsburgh Steelers -- iPad verison please.

Blueberryin says:

San Diego Chargers! - Iphone #boltup

Shawn Nuckols says:

Hail to the REDSKINS and iPad!

Shlomie Ringel says:

new york giants
iPhone version

Breadmanjp says:

Six time Super Bowl champions - The Pittsburgh Steelers ! iPhone 4s.

Wikedstang says:

This lowly Colts fan needs something to cheer about. iPad version please.

spawn1130 says:

I love the Baltimore Ravens and would love to have this app for my iPhone

James says:

Houston Texans - iPhone

Hector says:

Dirty Birds! aka the Atlanta Falcons

Tnajarian says:

San Diego Chargers!!!! Although they are stinking it up right now :(
iPhone please :)

rdonegan says:

This Hog likes the Redskins for his iPad!

bigstein says:

Dolphins!! Ipad version please.

AJ says:

I should get an iPhone copy because I'm probably the only one to say - Arizona Cardinals!

gsoto75 says:

Dallas Cowboys...iPhone

Bboohit says:

NEW YORK GIANTS! - iPad version

ComputerMan says:

NY Giants - Iphone version

Mike says:

Detroit Lions - iPhone

Mattj28 says:

Miami has the dolphins....the greatest football team! Oh wait...

Mike S. says:

J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!!! - iPhone.

Mike S. says:

J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!!! - iPhone.

Mike S. says:

J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!!! - iPhone.

Kathy Vander Meer says:

Green Bay Packers - iPhone version

hud says:

Chicago Bears iPad of course

Terry Rodecker says:

Pittsburgh Steelers all the way and I'd love the iPad version. Thanks!

Johgibbs says:

I would love a free copy for my IPad! Im a Diehard Redskins fan! Don't hold that against me pls.

Icebox93 says:

Chicago Bears -- Iphone version

Russ says:

Cleveland Browns - iPhone... With a team as bad as the Browns, don't I deserve the app!!!

Vothelo says:

Chargers (I know...I know...) and iPad...please!

Mark17820 says:

San Francisco 49ers - iPhone

Bacco says:

Miami Dolphins, iPad version

Yano Kun says:

Green Bay Packers - Ipad

Bakchorok says:

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Ipad2 version

Ben Bipes says:

Minnesota Vikings are my team - iPad is the version I'd prefer for this app!