App Giveaway: Save the Pencil for iPhone

Save the Pencil is a new, fun, little iPhone game. The goal is to guide HB, the pencil, through all the dots while collecting stars and avoiding the mean paper clips, rulers, and erasers.

This is a fantastic little puzzle game! You can only pass through the blue dots once, and the yellow dots as many time as you wish, but you must pass through them all before landing on the red dot. Throw in the obsessional part of you that insists on collecting all the stars and the occasional stress of being chased be a paper clip, and you have a real challenge on your hands! Not to mention, the graphics are just adorable.

You are HB; young, sharp and full of lead. A pencil on a mission to join the dots but there’s a rebellion in the stationery cupboard! The paper clips, rulers, erasers and their friends are angry, and they’ll do anything to stop you. Guide HB to safety and collect the bonus stars to unlock more challenging levels!

  • Fun, addictive gameplay with plenty of variety. Tap the dots to move HB safely through each level.
  • 60 challenging puzzles across 4 chapters will keep you tapping away.
  • Full Game Center integration, with chapter leaderboards and over 20 achievements to earn.
  • Collect three stars on every level. Some may be simple, but others are perplexing!
  • Regular updates providing new levels and new enemies.
  • End of chapter bosses offer a unique challenge.
  • Different enemies interact with gameplay in different ways. Dodge paperclips, avoid spinning rulers, race erasers, and more!
  • All your favourite stationery characters in one game!
  • Full Retina Display support.


The good folks at Perfect Dimension have given us promo codes to give away to 5 lucky winners. For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Save the Pencil is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

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Aliip4 says:

Thats sounds amazing after reading the above will eagerly wish for it.

Ginbill says:

Looks like a fun time waster ;)

Kristy Lo says:

Save a pencil use an iPad!

Elderfoxy says:

I need to win this. I don't know how many contests I've tried to win with tipb! Lol

PsychMamma says:

Looks fantastic! Thanks for the chance to enter!

Peerapon says:

this app will make us love our pencils like never before.

Owlcityhootowl says:

Please i looooove games and this is perfect :) i cant imagine playing this game at school hehe

Mel says:

Interesting. iPhone and iPads may make pencils a thing of the past. Hehe

Amo says:

too cute! Would be a perfect addition to my new iphone 4s.

Andrew Mike says:

How about this then ? you guys previously said >>>

dreeves76 says:

Cheers for the pencils ;)

phoenix91#IM says:

I'd love to win Save The Pencil :)

Wrs says:

Would love to win a copy! Thanks!

krsgdlw says:

I would like to have a go at this puzzle game.

Calavera302 says:

Looks like a fun little game.

Shlov1 says:

Looks like a ton of fun and a good way to survive restaurants with my 4 and 8 years olds. I'd love to have it.

Jim says:

Would Love to have a copu

Kr Sky says:

my kids would love this game!!! yes please, and merry christmas to all..

mbpre says:

Looks fun. Let me have it!

Jfmorenom says:

I would love this app for my son.

mike swain says:

As a pencil-pusher, I would love to have this one for a $0.99 discount!

Rashad Santos says:

TIPB great job with these app giveaways!

Jim Enderle says:

looks like a fun app for kids

Eandgolf says:

Since I'm still a kid this puzzle game should be a kick

Hancheta says:

I would want to try this. it looks fun!

Doffierotter says:

Love pencils, always cheer for them. Would like a crack at this game, most def!

Scott Urman says:

Yay! Pick me!! Happy holidays to all!

Doffie Rotter says:

Love the cast, and I always root for pencils. Would sure like to try this game.

Lgriffies says:

Waiting (not so patiently) for me iPhone 4s. I'm new to the Apple world but got hooked immediately on the iPad.

Eric says:

Looks great! Would love to win a promo code.

Kathy Vander Meer says:

I would love to try this game.

Braun00 says:

leaving a comment to win this

Rottw3ila says:

I bought my daughter her first iPod Touch for Christmans and this game would be a great addition to the gift.

Giants? says:

Man the giants!!! Omg so sad B'[