App Giveaway: Spy Mouse HD for iPad

Firemint's popular game Spy Mouse is now available on the iPad! The exclusive features are, of course, bigger and better graphics, as well as secret dossiers that will help you complete dangerous missions.

Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese! It’s SPY mouse HD for iPad! With all new exclusive content, features and HD quality graphics, help Agent Squeak feed his need for cheese as he embarks on his biggest, bite-sized mission ever!

  • BIGGER, BOLDER, AND BRIGHTER – Get more danger, more intrigue and, most importantly, more cheese with vivid HD quality graphics.

  • COLLECT SUPER SECRET DOSSIERS – Gather clandestine information and clues that will help you complete dangerous missions.


  • Complete 72 stages across 6 different worlds on your quest for cheese. Discover secret levels and hidden areas. Foil traps with fake mice and speed up with chili pepper boosts!


  • Slip past cunning cats with zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups. Craft sneaky strategies to avoid detection! Sharpen your subterfuge and survive 6 epic boss battles.


  • Guide Agent Squeak through puzzling scenarios and complete missions with fingertip control. It’s easy to learn – but be warned! There’s enough strategy-based action to challenge the most seasoned spy mice.


TiPb is always looking for a good reason to give stuff away, so we we're gifting Spy Mouse HD to 5 lucky winners! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below.

Spy Mouse HD is available on the iPad for $2.99.

[App Store link]

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Reader comments

App Giveaway: Spy Mouse HD for iPad


is it possible i'm first? wow how cool..does that mean i'll be the first winner too??? :)))))

I have this game for my iPod and iPhone, just an another amazing game to add to my iPad. This is one of the best games avaible in the app store!!!!!!

I love this game on the iPhone and always thought this would be better to play on an iPad and it's finally here! Must have it!

I would LOVE to have Spy Mouse HD! I play it on my the iPhone version on my iPad now but would've to see it in all it's HD glory!!! Thanks TiPb!!

I so love my iPad. I worship it. It brings news to my finger tips, can play music and most of all, many gorgeous games are designed for the iPad. And by the mere fact of looking at Spy Mouse's screen shots, I can tell that this is one hell of a fun-filled adventure game that can give me sleepless nights of playing. I would love to have this Spy Mouse be added to my games list as I only keep a handful. Those are the ones that has superb graphics and very entertaining... I'm sure Spy Mouse will be included as one of those.
Thank you admin for posting this. More power to you guys for giving free apps like these.

My son would love a free app. When he got his first ipod touch he thought all apps were free until he looked at his first bank statement. oops.

This is attempt 24 to get a freebie fron Tipb... Is 24 my lucky number? Prove me right guys!

My daughter plays the iPhone version stretched out on the iPad. We would love to have the HD version!

I would like a copy of this game so much ! I only have the iphone version and I want it so much ~
Thanks anyway !

Hi my daughter and I would really love this app. She's scared of mice, and this would be good therapy for her ;-)
We never win anything, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassseee can we be the winner this time. We even pressed the "Like" button !

Hi my daughter and I would really love this app. She's scared of mice, and this would be good therapy for her ;-)
We never win anything, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassseee can we be the winner this time. We even pressed the "Like" button !

I would Love this!!! My wife plays this all the time and has been bugging me to download it. Please stop the nagging.... :)

I have no friends, just me and my iPad, two lone wolves..... I need a game to keep me busy so I can quit quoting Hangover!

I heard about the iPhone version of this game here at TiPb and bought it right away. I completely missed the fact that it was iPhone only though and was disappointed when I played it on my iPad for the first time. It should have been a Universal release!

Would be great to win this game, I played the iPhone version in my iPad (thought it would became universal) and this game is amazing. Some puzzles are harder than others but none of them make the game "impossible".

I want the game so I can FINALLY spy with a mouse. My previous attempts have never ended successfully.

TiPb! The #1 place for news, tips, great forums and (you guessed it...) the best giveaways! I'd love to win this game!
Thanks TiPb