App Store adds Game Center games section

App Store Game Center section

If you're trying to keep track of all the newly updated, Game Center enabled games for iOS 4.1, look no further than the App Store where Apple has gone and created a special page just to list them for your viewing -- and buying -- pleasure.

There's about a dozen and half games now but we're guessing it will fill out quickly now that iOS 4.1 is live.

If you've tried some out, let us know your favorites.

[iTunes link via 9to5Mac]

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Reader comments

App Store adds Game Center games section


I've played Flight Control and it uploaded my score. I also just played multiplayer cro mag rally with some random stranger. I am liking Game Centre so far!

I have played Flight Control and Real Racing. Both are great games but all it is doing is keeping my achievements and scores. I really want to see Real Racing have an actual online multiplayer race!!!

Played Flight Control, fun and can get addicting. Setup Game Center acct. Pretty quick and painless. GC is plain Jane, but I'm sure it'll get better.

How the **** did someone score over 2,100 on Flight Control???? I struggle to get over 100!

I can't wait for this, I use OpenFeint but wish more of my friends were on it so I could see leaderboards...this is going to make that happen!

Did anyone notice that this list it not actually comprehensive... City story and keep the ball are not listed and farmville is but appears to do nothing with game center at all or am I just missing something