Apple iPad mini event live commentary

Apple iPad mini event live commentary

Apple's iPad and Mac event is scheduled to kick off at 10am PT/1pm ET and iMore will be watching Apple's live stream and proving all our usual context, color, and commentary. It's been a long ride getting to the iPad mini and the new Macs, and we'd love for you to join us now that it's finally here.

We kick off right before Apple. 10am PT, 1pm ET. Be here.

Want to go full screen? Head to Want to watch via iPhone or iPad? Grab the Ustream app and search for "mobilenations". Want to subscribe to any or all of our shows? Head on over to our podcast page.

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Apple iPad mini event live commentary


Only thing that matters is rigorous and competitive pricing. Every other feature is almost like doesn't matter as there can't be bigger surprises.

Please get it right Apple!

Pricing is definitely the biggest issue. Price it right and it will fly off shelves and kill off the competition. An iPad Mini priced anywhere near the Kindle Fire HD would just kill it off. Too much higher and it remains a nitch product. If the goal is mass adoption, it has to be priced right to accomplish that.

it's seems this product will give some innovation that will change the way of tablet 7". I hope this iPad Mini or iPad air or whatever this iPad name will not just be a big disappointment. I have a big expectation that it will become the best 7" tablet in the world

Did I miss iTunes11 talk? Or was there none? Didn't that get announced with the iPhone5 as an October release? Not much October left...

At $329 the iPad mini would still remain a niche product. Apple doesn't target the masses, but I certainly will be getting my mom a Nexus 7 based on the price point and features alone. I was quite let down by the pricing to be honest.

I paid $399 for an iPad2 in March so paying $329 for an "iPad2 mini" with the same screen rez, better cameras, dual speakers and no rear camera flash, just doesn't do it for me. It's the slight incremental upgrade approach with a shrink ray. There's no value in it for me, especially considering the move to the lightning port, who's only advantages are small size and ease of entry. If I hadn't gotten an iPad 2, sure, but I can't see selling or giving away my iPad 2 just to get an iPad 2 mini for a slightly lower price ($329). If Apple had done this at $249 or even $299, I could see doing it but at $329? Not me.

Agreed wholeheartedly. Weird strategy with the $329 price point while also holding on to the iPad 2 in their line up. I'll stick with my 3rd gen iPad and my mom will prolly be getting a Nexus 7.

The iPad mini is what the iPhone 5 should have looked like.

BTW.....what is Apples obsession with thin??? Stop focusing on thin and get to advanced hardware and software.

Sure it can't keep up with all the newer devices........but it's soooooo thin!

BTW, I am a Apple user, so I have a right to complain

The obsession with thin and light is a design perspective that allows Apple to lower manufacturing costs while charging a premium for their hardware. The Retina display is the most advanced tech that Apple has. The "lightning port" doesn't do anything special other than be smaller, thinner, and require an adapter to use the hand full of older iOS cables that still function with a hand full of add ons.

OK - Show of hands.... who here had any inkling a 4th-gen iPad would come out today? Anybody?? I think most saw an iPad with lightning connecter with no real serious changes in specs... but we got a whole new iPad... Why?? I see this as Apple flipping a giant bird to the competition that is going to be releasing their latest and greatest "iPad killer" - that was to compete against the 3rd-gen iPad - not a 4th-gen iPad. Well played Apple, well played. :)

Apple had to release something new, or they are out of the game - most of what they offer is just meeting specs with other devices. Where's the WOW factor??? not since iPhone 4 has anything changed the way people look at Apple........
I like Apples products because it fits my needs, but soon it may become disadvantageous to buy a product that offers little in change other then being thin and light. I have a iPhone 4 and have been debating about updating to the 5. I might just save my money until something better comes along.